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Diego Bucci

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Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche Veterinarie

Settore scientifico disciplinare: VET/02 FISIOLOGIA VETERINARIA


Marcella Spinaci;Theodora Chlapanidas;Diego Bucci;Claudia Vallorani;Sara Perteghella;Giulia Lucconi;Ricardo Communod;Daniele Vigo;Giovanna Galeati;Massimo Faustini;Maria Luisa Torre, Encapsulation of sex sorted boar semen: Sperm membrane status and oocyte penetration parameters, «THERIOGENOLOGY», 2013, 79, pp. 575 - 581 [articolo]

Diego Bucci;Giovanna Galeati;Elisa Giaretta;Carlo Tamanini;Marcella Spinaci, Sex-sorting of boar spermatozoa does not influence the localization of glucose transporters, «REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY», 2013, 13, pp. 341 - 343 [articolo]

Zaniboni A; Forni M; Zannoni A; Bernardini C; Bucci D; Spinaci M; Bacci ML., Swine X and Y spermatozoa similarly bind and internalize exogenous DNA, in: REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS, 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA, WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2013, 48, pp. 90 - 90 (atti di: 17 th ESDAR Conference, Bologna ITALY, 11-14 Sept) [Contributo in Atti di convegno]

D. Bucci; G. Galeati; C. Tamanini; C.Vallorani; J.E. Rodriguez-Gil; M. Spinaci, Effect of sex sorting on CTC staining, actin cytoskeleton and tyrosine phosphorylation in bull and boar spermatozoa, «THERIOGENOLOGY», 2012, 77, pp. 1206 - 1216 [articolo]

L. Ramió-Lluch; J.M. Fernández-Novell; A. Peña; D. Bucci; T. Rigau; J.E. Rodríguez-Gil, “In vitro” capacitation and subsequent acrosome reaction are related to changes in the expression and location of midpiece actin and mitofusin-2 in boar spermatozoa, «THERIOGENOLOGY», 2012, 77, pp. 979 - 988 [articolo]

Vallorani C; Spinaci M; Bucci D; Porcu E; Tamanini C; Galeati G., Pig oocyte vitrification by Cryotop method and the activation of the apoptotic cascade., «ANIMAL REPRODUCTION SCIENCE», 2012, 135, pp. 68 - 74 [articolo]

Spinaci M.; Vallorani C.; Bucci D.; Tamanini C.; Porcu E.; Galeati G., Vitrification of pig oocytes induces changes in histone H4 acetylation and histone H3 lysine 9 methylation (H3K9)., «VETERINARY RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS», 2012, 36, pp. 71 - 165 [articolo]

Eva Flores; Laura Ramiò-LLuch; Diego Bucci; Josep Maria Fernandez.Novell; Alejandro Pena; Juan Enrique Rodriguez-Gil, Freezing-thawing induces alterations in histone H1-DNA binding and the breaking of protein-DNA disulfide bonds in boar sperm, «THERIOGENOLOGY», 2011, 76, pp. 1450 - 1464 [articolo]

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Bucci D.; Rodriguez-Gil J.E.; Vallorani C.; Spinaci M.; Galeati G.; Tamanini C., GLUTS AND MAMMALIAN SPERM METABOLISM, «JOURNAL OF ANDROLOGY», 2011, 32, pp. 348 - 355 [articolo]

Galeati G.; Zannoni A.; Panarese S.; Spinaci M.; Bucci D.; Morandi F.; Ferrara D.; Leotti G.; Vila T.; Joisel F.; Ostanello F.; Sarli G., PCV2 DETECTION IN IN VITRO PRODUCED BLASTOCYSTS AFTER VIRUS SPERM EXPOSURE, in: Comitato Scientifico 5th Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress, Proceedings of the 5th Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress, S.N., s.n, 2011, pp. O46 - O46 (atti di: 5th Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress (APVS), Pattaya, Thailand., 7-9 March) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Galeati G.; Spinaci M.; Vallorani C.; Bucci D.; Porcu E.; Tamanini C., Pig oocyte vitrification by cryotop method: effects on viability, spindle and chromosome configuration and in vitro fertilization, «ANIMAL REPRODUCTION SCIENCE», 2011, 127, pp. 43 - 49 [articolo]

G. Martelli; H. Valla; D. Bucci; G. Zaghini; G. Vignola; L. Sardi, Assessment of welfare and productive performance in dairy cows organically reared in plains or hilly areas, «ANIMAL WELFARE», 2010, 19, pp. 17 - 23 [articolo]

Bucci D.; Isani G.; Spinaci M; Tamanini C.; Mari G.; Zambelli D.; Galeati G., COMPARATIVE IMMUNOLOCALIZATION OF GLUTs 1, 2, 3 AND 5 IN BOAR, STALLION AND DOG SPERMATOZOA, «REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS», 2010, 45, pp. 315 - 322 [articolo]

Galeati G.; Vallorani C.; Bucci D.; Bernardini C.; Tamanini C.; Parmeggiani A.; Spinaci M., DAIDZEIN DOES AFFECT PROGESTERONE SECRETION BY PIG CUMULUS CELLS BUT IT DOES NOT IMPAIR OOCYTE IVM, «THERIOGENOLOGY», 2010, 74(3), pp. 451 - 457 [articolo]

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