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Claudio Zannoni

Professore ordinario

Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale "Toso Montanari"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/02 CHIMICA FISICA


Querciagrossa, Lara; Ricci, Matteo; Berardi, Roberto; Zannoni, Claudio, Can multi-biaxial mesogenic mixtures favour biaxial nematics? A computer simulation study, «PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS», 2017, 19, pp. 2286 - 2294 [articolo]

Gali, Sai Manoj; D’Avino, Gabriele; Aurel, Philippe; Han, Guangchao; Yi, Yuanping; Papadopoulos, Theodoros A.; Coropceanu, Veaceslav; Brédas, Jean-Luc; Hadziioannou, Georges; Zannoni, Claudio; Muccioli, Luca, Energetic fluctuations in amorphous semiconducting polymers: Impact on charge-carrier mobility, «THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS», 2017, 147, pp. 134904 - 134904 [articolo]

Palermo, Mattia Felice; Bazzanini, Federico; Muccioli, Luca; Zannoni, Claudio*, Is the alignment of nematics on a polymer slab always along the rubbing direction? A molecular dynamics study, «LIQUID CRYSTALS», 2017, 44, pp. 1764 - 1774 [articolo]

Roscioni, Otello Maria; Muccioli, Luca; Zannoni, Claudio, Predicting the Conditions for Homeotropic Anchoring of Liquid Crystals at a Soft Surface. 4-n-Pentyl-4′-cyanobiphenyl on Alkylsilane Self-Assembled Monolayers, «ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES», 2017, 9, pp. 11993 - 12002 [articolo]

Miglioli, I.; Bacchiocchi, C.; Arcioni, A.; Kohlmeier, A.; Mehl, G. H.; Zannoni, C., Director configuration in the twist-bend nematic phase of CB11CB, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. C», 2016, 4, pp. 9887 - 9896 [articolo]

Silvia, Orlandi; Erika, Benini; Isabella, Miglioli; Evans Dean, R; Victor, Reshetnyak; Claudio, Zannoni, Doping liquid crystals with nanoparticles. A computer simulation of the effects of nanoparticle shape, «PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS», 2016, 18, pp. 2428 - 2441 [articolo]

Chiccoli, Cesare; Pasini, Paolo; Evangelista, Luiz Roberto; De Souza, Rodolfo Teixeira; Zannoni, Claudio, Field effects on inversion walls in nematic films: A computer simulation study, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS C», 2016, 27, pp. 1650114 - 1650123 [articolo]

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Otello, Roscioni; Luca, Muccioli; Alexander, Mityashin; Jerome, Cornil; Claudio, Zannoni, Structural Characterization of Alkylsilane and Fluoroalkylsilane Self-Assembled Monolayers on SiO2 by Molecular Dynamics Simulations, «JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C, NANOMATERIALS AND INTERFACES», 2016, 120, pp. 14652 - 14662 [articolo]

Davide, Vanzo; Matteo, Ricci; Roberto, Berardi; Claudio, Zannoni, Wetting behaviour and contact angles anisotropy of nematic nanodroplets on flat surfaces, «SOFT MATTER», 2016, 12, pp. 1610 - 1620 [articolo]

Weber, Adrian C. J.; Burnell, E. Elliott; Meerts, W. Leo; de Lange, Cornelis A.; Dong, Ronald Y.; Muccioli, Luca; Pizzirusso, Antonio; Zannoni, Claudio, Communication: Molecular dynamics and H-1 NMR of n-hexane in liquid crystals, «THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS», 2015, 143, pp. 011103-1 - 011103-5 [articolo]

Berardi, R.; Zannoni, C., Computer simulations of biaxial nematics, in: Biaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals: Theory, Simulation and Experiment,, Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell, 2015, pp. 153 - 184 [capitolo di libro]

Chiccoli, C.; Evangelista, L. R.; Pasini, P.; Teixeira de Souza, R.; Zannoni, C., Effect of Surface Anchoring on Creation of Defects in a Nematic Film. A Monte Carlo Simulation, «MOLECULAR CRYSTALS AND LIQUID CRYSTALS», 2015, 614, pp. 137 - 143 [articolo]

D'Avino, Gabriele; Muccioli, Luca; Zannoni, Claudio, From Chiral Islands to Smectic Layers: A Computational Journey Across Sexithiophene Morphologies on C-60, «ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS», 2015, 25, pp. 1985 - 1995 [articolo]

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