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Claudia Tomasini

Full Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/06 Organic Chemistry

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Advanced Cosmetic Sciences


Claudia Tomasini; Nicola Castellucci; Valentina C. Caputo; Lorenzo Milli; Giulia Battistelli; Simona Fermani; Giuseppe Falini, Shaping calcite crystals by customized self-assembling pseudopeptide foldamers, «CRYSTENGCOMM», 2015, 17, pp. 116 - 123 [Scientific article]

Lorenzo Milli;Michele Larocca;Mattia Tedesco;Nicola Castellucci;Elena Ghibaudi;Andrea Cornia;Matteo Calvaresi;Francesco Zerbetto;Claudia Tomasini, α,ε-Hybrid Foldamers with 1,2,3-Triazole Rings: Order versus Disorder, «JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2014, 79, pp. 5958 - 5969 [Scientific article]

Nicola Castellucci; Giuseppe Falini; Lorenzo Milli; Magda Monari; Sergio Abbate; Giovanna Longhi; Ettore Castiglioni; Giuseppe Mazzeo; Claudia Tomasini, Solid-state properties and vibrational circular dichroism spectroscopy in solution of hybrid foldamers stereoisomeric mixtures, «CHEMPLUSCHEM», 2014, 79, pp. 114 - 121 [Scientific article]

Lorenzo Milli;Nicola Castellucci;Claudia Tomasini, Turning Around theL-Phe-D-Oxd Moiety for a Versatile Low-Molecular-Weight Gelator, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2014, 2014, pp. 5954 - 5961 [Scientific article]

N. Castellucci; G. Sartor; N. Calonghi; C. Parolin; G. Falini; C. Tomasini;, A peptidic hydrogel that may behave as a "trojan Horse", «BEILSTEIN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2013, 9, pp. 417 - 424 [Scientific article]

Claudia Tomasini; Ivan Huc; David Aitken;Ferenc Fulop, Foldamers, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2013, 2013, pp. 3408 - 3409 [Scientific article]

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Claudia tomasini; Nicola Castellucci, Introduction to Unnatural Foldamers, in: Metallofoldamers: Supramolecular Architectures from Helicates to Biomimetics, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8SQ, JOHN WILEY & SONS, LTD., 2013, pp. 51 - 89 [Chapter or essay]

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G. Angelici; N. Castellucci; C. Tomasini, Conformational Studies on a Medium Size Cyclopseudopeptide Containing the Oxazolidin-2-one Moiety, «JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2012, 25, pp. 965 - 970 [Scientific article]

C. Tomasini; N. Castellucci, Gels and Lipid Layers From Oxazolidin-2-ones Based Foldamers, in: Abstract of the Bordeaux 2012 Symposium on Foldamers, BORDEAUX, s.n, 2012, pp. OC2 - OC2 (atti di: BORDEAUX 2012 SYMPOSIUM ON FOLDAMERSa COST Action CM0803 – Marie Curie IAPP FOLDAPPI joint event, Bordeaux, January 30 – February 2 2012) [Abstract]

N. Castellucci; L. Gentilucci; C. Tomasini, One-Pot Synthesis of Poly-Substituted Tetramic Acids for the Preparation of Reverse-Turn Mimics, «TETRAHEDRON», 2012, 68, pp. 4506 - 4512 [Scientific article]

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