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Chiara Monfardini

Full Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/05 Econometrics


A. Cardoso; C. Monfardini, Compensation policies within firms: evidence from linked employer-employee data, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANPOWER», 2008, 29, pp. 4 - 7 [Comment or similar]

Lu M.; Mizon G.E.; Monfardini C., Simulation Encompassing: Testing Non-nested Hypotheses, «OXFORD BULLETIN OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS», 2008, 70, Issue s1, pp. 781 - 806 [Scientific article]

D. Fabbri; C. Monfardini, Style of practice and assortative mating: a recursive probit analysis of Caesarean section scheduling in Italy, «APPLIED ECONOMICS», 2008, 40, pp. 1411 - 1423 [Scientific article]

C. Monfardini; R. Radice, Testing Exogeneity in the Bivariate Probit Model: a Monte Carlo Study, «OXFORD BULLETIN OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS», 2008, 70, 2, pp. 271 - 282 [Scientific article]

C. Monfardini; J.M.C. Santos Silva, What Can We Learn about Correlations from Multinomial Probit Estimates?, «ECONOMICS BULLETIN», 2008, 3, 28, pp. 1 - 9 [Scientific article]

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