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Arianna Casarini


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Curriculum vitae


 2018⌋ Master in Visual Arts (110/110, cum laude)

Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna · Italy

Thesis in Contemporary Architecture: Le Corbusier and the Museum as a Medium. Genesis and development of a display reflection.

 |Research project at the Le Corbusier Foundation, Paris · France|

The thesis consists of the architectural, museological and conceptual analysis of the museum projects imagined by Le Corbusier, highlighting their peculiarities and innovations in the context of the modernist elaboration of the modern museum typology. The work not only established the importance of Le Corbusier as a museum theorist equipped with an advanced museological conscience, whose conceptual and architectural legacy deeply influenced the development of modern and contemporary museum architecture, but also clarified the historical and theoretical context surrounding Le Corbusier's museum designs.


2016 Post Graduate Programme in Chinese Culture and Visual Arts

苏州大学 · Soochow University, Suzhou · China

Graduated with top marks and mention of honour.


2014 Bachelor in Humanities (110/110, cum laude)

Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna · Italy

Thesis in Contemporary Art: Kim Sooja at the 55th Biennale of Venice: the bottari-pavillion.

 |Research project at the Venice Biennale Archive and in Seoul, Korea|

The thesis reconstructed the context of the contribution of Kim Sooja to the Korean Pavillon of the 2013 Venice Biennale, not only inscribing the installation in the cultural perspective of Korean art history, but additionally analysing its connections, resonance and relationship with the global production of the artist. 


2013 Summer School in Chinese Language and Cultural Studies

人民大学 - People University of Beijing · China

Diploma with top marks.



2015⌋ Chinese Government Scholarship

Awarded by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Minister of Culture and Education

Granted for outstanding academical achievement in Chinese Language and the development of a indipendent study project to fulfill during a post-graduate course in China.


2013⌋ Confucious Institute Scholarship

Awarded by the Confucious Institute of Bologna

Granted for outstanding talent in Chinese Language for the partecipation to a Summer School in China.



⌊from 2017⌋

Research Collaborator: educational project "Spaces and Actors of Contemporary Art", coordinated by Anna Rosellini and Roberto Pinto. 

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