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Andrea Cavalli

Professore ordinario

Dipartimento di Farmacia e Biotecnologie

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/08 CHIMICA FARMACEUTICA


Cavalli A; Lizzi F; Bongarzone S; Brun R; Luise Krauth-Siegel R; Bolognesi ML, Privileged structure-guided synthesis of quinazoline derivatives as inhibitors of trypanothione reductase, «BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS», 2009, 19, pp. 3031 - 3035 [articolo]

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S. Rizzo; A. Cavalli; L. Ceccarini; M. Bartolini; F. Belluti; A. Bisi; V. Andrisano; M. Recanatini; A. Rampa, Structure-Activity Relationships and Binding Mode in the Human Acetylcholinesterase Active Site of Pseudo-Irreversible Inhibitors Related to Xanthostigmine, «CHEMMEDCHEM», 2009, 4, pp. 670 - 679 [articolo]

Bolognesi ML; Cavalli A; Bergamini C; Fato R; Lenaz G; Rosini M; Bartolini M; Andrisano V; Melchiorre C., Toward a rational design of multitarget-directed antioxidants: merging memoquin and lipoic acid molecular frameworks, «JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2009, 52, pp. 7883 - 7886 [articolo]

Grazioso G.; Cavalli A.; De Amici M.; Recanatini M.; De Micheli C., Alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists: prediction of their binding affinity through a molecular mechanics Poisson-Boltzmann surface area approach, «JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY», 2008, 29, pp. 2593 - 2602 [articolo]

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M. Rosini; E. Simoni; M. Bartolini; A. Cavalli; L. Ceccarini; N. Pascu; D. W. McClymont; A. Tarozzi; M. L. Bolognesi; A. Minarini; V. Tumiatti; V. Andrisano; I. R. Mellor; C. Melchiorre, Inhibition of Acetylcholinesterase, Beta-Amyloid Aggregation, and NMDA Receptors in Alzheimer's Disease: A Promising Direction for the Multi-target-Directed Ligands Gold Rush, «JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2008, 51, pp. 4381 - 4384 [articolo]

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