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Curriculum vitae



·                    University of California at San Diego, USA Degree : Ph.D., Sociology 2000

Dissertation Title:

Forging Socialist Nationalism and Its Alternatives: Nationalism, Intellectuals, and Everyday Life in Yugoslavia, 1960s-1992

·                    University of California at San Diego, USA Degree : M.A., and M. Phil. Sociology 1993

·                    Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, the Netherlands Degree : M.A. Development Studies 1986

·                    University of Novi Sad, SFR Yugoslavia Degree : B.A. Development Economics, 1983


Areas of Specialization


Political-Comparative and Historical Sociology; Social Theory; Political Economy; Popular Culture; Regionalism; Nationalism, Ethnicity; Conflict and Post-Conflict Reconstruction; Collective Memory and Justice; Socialism and Post-Socialism; Balkans; Globalization & Development; Social Movements; Gender and Feminism; Migrations




Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (father tongue);Russian (mother tongue); English (near native fluency); French and Spanish (intermediate conversational); Italian, Slovene, Macedonian (reading and basic communication)



Work Experience


  • Fatih University , Istanbul

Associate Professor



·                    EDUCONS University, Novi Sad, Serbia

Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies

Associate Professor (part-time)




  • Dogus Unıversıty, Istanbul, Turkey

Department of International Relations




·                    University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences

Centre for Racism, Ethnicity and Nationalism

Lecturer Grade 9

2007- 2009


·                    University of Bologna

Visiting Adjunct Associate Professor



·                    University of Aarhus, Denmark

Associate Professor , 2002-2006


·                    University of Bonn, Germany, Centre for Development Studies

 Research Fellow , 2001-2002


·                    Brown University, U.S.A.

Watson Institute for international Studies Providence

Post-Doctoral Fellow and Adjunct Professor , 1999-2001


·                    Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Assistant Professor , 1998-1999


·         University of California at San Diego, USA

Adjunct Lecturer and Teaching Assistant , 1991-1997



Grants and Awards













The Research Council of Norway

Institutional partners: University of Oslo and University of Rijeka, Croatia

“Strategies of nation-building in West Balkan states: Intents and Results”

  • Principal Investigator for Republika Srpska/ Bosnia-Herzegovina survey and analysis


Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation, The Hague, The Netherlands. Project “Shared Narratives: Facing the Past, Searching the Future: A Twentieth Century Yugoslav History since 1945 (Myth-Making and Un-Making)”

  • Co-principal investigator



Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Foundation

Brown University, Watson Institute for International Studies

  • Co-principal investigator

Project “Local Dimensions of Sustainable Democracy-Building: Lessons from the Southern Balkans”



Social Science Research Council, Program on Global Security and Cooperation, Washington, D.C.

  • Professional Fellowship

Project title: Towards a Post-Nationalist Civil Society? Cross-Border Cooperation between Yugoslavia's Successor States



DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

  • Master's Program Development Award

EUROCULTURE Program, University of Goettingen, Germany



German Marshall Fund for the United States

  • Principal Investigator

Program “Bottom-Up Building of Civil Society in Serbia”



Social Science Research Council, Program on Global Security and Cooperation, Washington, D.C.

  • Doctoral Fellowship



University of California at San Diego, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation , San Diego 

  • Doctoral Research and Travel Fellowship



University of California Berkeley, Centre for German and European Studies , Berkeley

  • Pre-Dissertation Grant



  • Fulbright Fellowship  (Graduate Studies Award)



Teaching awards and honorary posts


  • 2014

Erasmus Mundus Visiting Professorship

MITRA (Intercultural Mediation: Identities, Mobilities, Conflicts)

The University of Lille 3 and Leuven Catholic University


·         Summer 2010

Sabanci University, Istanbul, Summer School

Course: Postsocialism (Film and Popular Culture as Method of Conflict Analysis: Russia and Late Soviet Union)


·         November 2009-May 2010 The Republic of Austria Federal Chancellery-World University Service: ‘Brain Gain'  Graduate Studies Development in the Balkans

University of Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia & University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

Lecturer and Resource Person


·         Summer 2009, 2008 and 2007 Bogazici University, Istanbul

Summer Term Course: Globalization and Communications


·         July 2006 Academic Training Association, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Summer University Award

Universities of Pristina & North Mitrovica, Kosovo

Resource Person and Lecturer


·         June 2005 Charles Stewart Mott Foundation andRockefeller Brothers Foundation

Ohrid Summer School NGO Development Award

Evro-Balkan Institute Skopje , Macedonia: “ Evaluating International Democracy Promotion: Qualitative Research Methods for Policy Impact in the Southern Balkans”

Lecturer and Resource Person


·         August 2003Woodrow Wilson Center, East European Studies, Washington, D.C., USA

Senior Mentor Award

Junior Scholars' Training Seminar, Aspen Institute, Wye River Conference



Expert and Consultancy work







Institute of Historical Justice and Reconciliation , The Hague, The Netherlands

Research project: A Myth Factory: Political Myths in the Former Yugoslavia and Successor States


UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and University of Glasgow

Consultant and coach for Chevening Fellows



Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Vienna and the Jefferson Institute in Belgrade

Trainer in Evaluation Techniques for Gender Equality projects in Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine 



Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC): Expert for Internal Evaluation of the Project “Next Step: The state of Transition and Democratization Processes in the Balkans”



T&B Consult, Denmark and Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Expert Evaluation of the Danish humanitarian and rehabilitation Assistance in relation to the Kosovo Crisis, 1999 – 2003 (ethnic reconciliation, civil society development/ democratic capacity-building, refugee assistance)



German Marshall Fund for the U.SA.: Democratization and Civil Society in Serbia (with Center for Regionalism, Novi Sad)



Selected Publications


“Jaws of the Nation and Weak Embraces of the State: The Lines of Division, Indifference and Loyalty in Bosnia-Herzegovina ,” in Strategies of Symbolic Nation-building in South Eastern Europe, ed. Pal Kolsto (Oxford: Ashgate, 2013, pp. 51-86).


“Tools of a ‘Successful' Nation-Building: The Church and the State in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina,” in review for Slavic Studies.


“Fringe Antinationalisms: Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony in Cinema, in Paul Stubbs and Christophe Solioz, eds. Towards Open Regionalism in South East Europe (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2012, pp. 191-209).


“ Re-digging the Graves: Political Mythologization of the Dead in Yugoslavia and Its Successor States,” in Vjekoslav Perica and Darko Gavrilovic, eds. Political Myths in Former Yugoslavia and Successor States: A Shared Narrative. Foreword by Judge Richard Goldstone. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Republic of Letters, 2011.


 “Exports of Peace and Multiculturalism to Nation-Building Sites,” in Denisa Kostovicova and Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic, eds. Transnationalism in the Balkans (Oxford: Routledge, 2008).


‘Civil Society in the Focus of Foreign Aid in Kosovo,' Ethnopolitics, vol 5, no.3, 2006.


‘Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Assistance to Kosovo, 1999-2003,' Ministry of Foreign Affairs DANIDA, Copenhagen: 2004/5. Chapters on Governance and Civil Society (pp. 67-82), and Gender (pp. 91-95), co-authored with M. Visti and B. Nautrup.

‘Faces, Phases and Places of Humanitarian Aid: Kosovo Four Years Later', Global Security and Cooperation Quarterly, 11, Winter 2004.

‘« Fortress Europe »: The Schengen Human Burden' (the Cinema of Zelimir Zilnik), Nationalities Papers, vol. 31, no. 2003.

‘Diverging Attempts at Facing the Recent Past: War, Guilt and Responsibility: The Case Of Serbia', and ‘Editorial Introduction', Global Security and Cooperation Quarterly, 8, Spring 2003.

‘Guarding and Guiding Regionalism and Interculturalism: Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations in Vojvodina', Research Report (Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University: New Approaches to Sustainable Democracy- Building, October 2003).

Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Democracy, editor (University of Bonn: Center for European Integration Series, 2002).

‘Prospects of Multicultural Regionalism as a Democratic Barrier', University of Bonn: Papers on Development Policy No. 57, December 2002.


'Nationalism and Regional Multiculturalism in the Province of Vojvodina, Serbia's “Multiethnic Haven,' in A. Devic, ed., Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Democracy (University of Bonn: European Integration Series, 2002, No. 2).


‘Nationalism and Women's Activism in the Former Yugoslav States.' In Svetlana Slapsak et al. (eds.), Women's Discourse, War Discourse (Ljubljana: The Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, 2000).


‘Ethnonationalism, Politics, and the Intellectuals: The Case of Yugoslavia,' International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, vol. 11, no. 3, 1998.


‘Anti-War Initiative and the Un-Making of Civic Identities in the Former Yugoslav Republics,' Journal of Historical Sociology, vol. 10, no. 2, 1997.


‘Redefining the Public-Private Boundary: Nationalism and Women ' s Activism in

Former Yugoslavia.' The Anthropology of East Europe Review 15:2, 1997.

‘The limits of ethno-national analysis,' International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, vol. 6, no. 1, 1992.



Recent Conference Papers


(2014) “ Trees and ID cards as triggers of protest: the politics of political exclusion in Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina,” Gezi Protests and Beyond: Conesting AKP Rule , University of Lisbon, 20-21 February 2014.

(2013) A Country to Identify With (or Not): Identities on Film in the Cinema of Post-Yugoslav States,” Association for the Study of Nationalities 2013 World Convention , Columbia University, New York, 18-20 April, 2013.


(2012) “Fringe anti-nationalisms: counter-hegemonic narratives in post-Yugoslav cinema,” European Association of Social Anthropologists Conference, Paris-Nanterre University, France, July 10-13, 2012.


(2011) ‘The Elective Affinity between Communist Bureaucracy and Nationalism in Late Socialist Yugoslavia,' Praxis: The Criticism and Humanist Socialism, (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin-Belgrade: Korcula, Croatia, 13-15. October, 2011.


(2011) Individualized Ethics and Religious Collectivism in the Cinema of Yugoslavia: From ‘Death and the Dervish' to Religious Nations (and Back),' Religion and Secularity in Contemporary European Cinema, Barcelona, University of Pompeu Fabra, 7-8 October 2011.


(2011)‘'‘My Home is (Not) Where They Send M e”: Violations of the Rights of Roma as a Consequence of the Bilateral Agreements on Asylum-Seeing in Western Europe,' World International Studies Committee (WISC), Third Global International Studies Conference, University of Porto, Portugal, August 17-20, 2011.


(2010) ‘Transnational Identity and Restrictive Citizenship Regimes in Europe: Migrations and Deportations of the Balkan Roma,' Precariousness and Vulnerability in Contemporary Society , University of Bilbao, 10-13 November 2010.


(2010) ‘Multiculturalism from Above and Below: Geopolitics and Culture in International Peace-Building Programs in Kosovo,' Italian Political Science Association annual conference, University of Venice, 16-18 September 2010.


(2010) ‘Autobiographical and Visual Methods of Nationalist Conflict Analysis and Conflict-Resolution,' Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies: Inaugural ConferenceEthno -Politics and Intervention in a Globalized World, ' University of Exeter, 27-30 June. 2010.


(2010) ‘Feminist anti-war activists - memory-carriers in the research on violence in Yugoslavia's successor states,' University of Freiburg in Bresgau, Friends, patrons, followers, 28-29 April, 2010.


(2009) ‘Memory, Conflict, and Discontent in Croatian Popular Culture ,' Croatia: Dealing with Consequences of Conflicts and Authoritarianisms , University of Stirling, 27 February 2009.


(2008) ‘Undesirable Peaceniks: Womens Anti-War Activism and Anti-Nationalism in Yugoslavia's Successor States,' London School of Economics (LSE), Peace Movements in the Cold War and Beyond: International Conference, 1-2 February, 2008.


(2008) ‘New Groups of Discourse among Social Scientists in Serbia after 2000,' Rethinking the 'Coloured Revolutions,' International Workshop, University of Glasgow 2-3 May 2008.


 (2007) ‘ Cinema and Trans-Ethnonationalism in Yugoslavia's Successor States ,'  

( CRONEM) Annual Conference: Nationalism and National Identities Today: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, University of Surrey 12 -13 June 2007.



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