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calendar for the 1st OFA Mathematics recovery course AA 2023-2024

Here is the calendar for the 1st OFA Mathematics recovery course.

Lessons will be held online by Prof. Alessandro Gesuato.

Lecture dates:

1. Monday 30/10 h. 16-18

2. Saturday 18/11 h. 9-12

3. Saturday 25/11 h. 9-12

4. Saturday 2/12 h. 9-12

5. Saturday 16/12 h. 9-12 + Final Test (Exam)

The Teams room can be reached with the code: v4accni

Other exam date: Thursday 18/1/2023 h 9-11 ON LINE on Teams

Otherwise using the following link:,%22Oid%22:%224cd724d9-c950-4eeb-be81-eaee323bf142%22%7D

For any other information contact me via e-mail.

Best regard.

Prof. Alessandro Gesuato

Pubblicato il: 10 novembre 2023