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Renato Pasquali


Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche

Direttore Scuola di Specializzazione in Endocrinologia e Malattie Del Ricambio (nuovo ordinamento)

MED/13 Endocrinology


Curriculum Vitae

address: div. of endocrinology, dept. internal medicine, s.orsola-malpighi
hospital,university alma mater studiorum, via massarenti 9, 40138, bologna,
e-mail: renato.pasquali@unibo.it; phone +39- 516364147;  fax
private address: via s.stefano 38, 40125 bologna, italy
     born in budrio, bologna, italy, 17/04/46      
married with maria rosaria diana; two children: andrea and
education:        high school, liceo galvani, bologna,
graduated in medicine and surgery, 1971
specialization in: a) endocrinology, b) internal medicine
career, institutional:    
fellow in internal medicine 1972-1975

contrattista universitario 1975-1980
established researcher 1981-1991
associate professor of endocrinology, 1991-2004

full professor of endocrinology, since 2004
scientific societies:

italian society of endocrinology (sie), italian society of diabetology
(sid), italian society of obesity (sio), european ass. study of
diabetes (easd) european ass. study of obesity (easo), int. association study of obesity (iaso) endocrine society (es) , eur society of endocrinology (ese), european neuroendocrine association (enea), androgen excess society
member of the amsc (2005-7) of the endocrine society
member directory of the sio (2007-9)
member sie (2005-7)
member Council of the European Association for the study of Obesity (EASO)
member International Scientific Committee of EASO (2005-7)

teaching degree in medicine and surgery;  degree in biotechnology; degree in
obstetrics; degree in nursing; school of
specialization in endocrinology & metabolism; school of
specialization in internal medicine; school of
specialization in obstetric & gynecology  
director, school of specialization endocrinology and metabolic
member editorial board: int j obesity, hum reprod (2004-7), acta diabetol, curr nutr & food sci, j clin endocrinol metab (2007-11), med j nutr metab; Gior Ital Ginecol Obstet

co-editor j endocrinol invest.

current reviewer  of the following journals: 
j clin endocrinol metab, endocrinology, diabetologia, jama,  eur j
clin invest, horm metabol res, eur j endocrinol, human
reprod, int j obes, obes res, clin endocrinol, j endocrinol invest, lancet, eur j clin nutr, diab nutr metab, br j nutr, gynecol endocrinol,  eur j obstet gynecol reprod  biol, j int med, j mol med, am j physiol endocr metab, curr diabetes
rev,  eur j hum gen, j mol med, hum
reprod up, asian j andrology, reprod biomed online, nature clin pract endocrinol metab, j endocrinol, j clin anestesia, respiration, curr anthropol,
psychopharmacology, regul pept, j sex med
director of the div of endocrinology, s. orsola-malpighi hospital    

scientific committee (member)

centre for applied biology research, univ. of bologna

scientific research (major topics) :
- pathophysiology and treatment of the polycystic ovary

- endocrine aspects of
human obesity (hpa axis and sex hormones)   
- the endocannabinoid system: animal models and human physiology and pathophysiology

scientific activity:    
full papers (international, peer revision): n =180
chapters in international n = 11

editor international textbooks n = 1
italian journals, congress proceedings (nat, intern)n = 179

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