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Our Scholarships

WEBB scholarship scheme offers you the opportunity to spend a period of mobility in one of the partner universities. The duration of the scholarship depends on the type of mobility (student, Phd student, post doc or staff).

Our scholarships include insurance (travel, health, accident), travel costs, tuition fees, and a monthly allowance, depending on the type of mobility:


Type of mobilityDurationSubsistence allowance
Undergraduate Exchange 5 to 10 months (1 or 2 semesters) 1000€/month
Master Exchange 5 to 10 months (1 or 2 semesters) 1000€/month
PhD Exchange 6 to 10 months 1500€/month
Post-doctorate 6 months 1800€/month
Staff 1 month 2500€/month

Who is an "exchange student"?

An exchange student is a student enrolled at a university in his/her country of provenience (home university) who temporarily studies/researches at an equivalent programme offered by a partner university (host university). The exchange period for students lasts either 1 or 2 semesters (5 or 10 months).

Exchange students do not obtain a diploma from the host institution. However, all academic results will be sent to the students' home university: the transcript of records. The main objective of the mobility is the recognition of study.

Exchange students have to be registed at the home University during the mobility period at the host university.

IMPORTANT: Check the page Who can apply for more information on the scholarship available for WEBB second cohort.