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Information for selected grantees

If you have been selected for a WEBB scholarship, please follow immediately these steps and read the section below to understand WEBB essential information for selected grantees.
  • Step 1: Accept WEBB scholarship by sending the Scholarship Agreement signed and dated to the address within the deadline indicated in the Agreement itself
  • Step 2: Get in contact with your Host Institution in order to receive your Invitation letter and agree on mobility dates
  • Step 3: Fill in the Travel Information form to book your travel and insurance in order to apply for visa (the form will be provided by the Host Unievrsity)
  • Step 4: Read the mobility check list (see box attachments) in order to make sure that you are not forgetting anything!
  • Step 5: Don't forget to fill in the Final Report (see box attachments) and if needed the Progress Report (see box attachments)

WEBB essential information for selected grantees:

Scholarship Agreement

Scholarship management and coverage

Scholarship duration for full Master and PhD

Scholarship Agreement

Selected candidates will receive via email the the Scholarship agreement. It is a binding contract between the WEBB grantee and the coordinating institution, the University of Bologna. This contracts includes all requirements, duties and rights of all the parties involved, it this therefore to be considered as a comprehensive reference document regarding your WEBB mobility. It will include:


  • Letter of Nomination and acceptance letter: providing information about the selection results and requesting to accept or reject the scholarship. Please respect the deadline.
  • Information Sheet providing basic information about the organization of the mobility (immigration procedures, organization of travel, organization of insurance, monthly allowance transfer etc.)
  • Mobility Checklist: list of all the steps that grantee needs to take prior, during and after the mobility period, including the compulsory documents and procedures described in the grant agreement.
  • Travel information form: this form will have to be filled in by you, and sent immediately to your Host Institution in order for them to confirm the dates and sign it. Once it has been signed you will send it to the Travel Agency in order to buy the ticket. Tickets may be needed in order for you to apply for visa so please agree the arrival and departure date as soon as possible.

Scholarship management and coverage

The University of Bologna, as WEBB coordinator, has the financial responsibility of all scholarships. It has been decided that the scholarships will be transferred to European Partner Universities that will pay directly their Third country - incoming and EU-outgoing students. Scholarship payment is subjected to the academic and administrative rules specified in the Scholarship agreement. The payment will be done each month, only if the grantee is present at the host university and is carrying out his/her study/research/work.
Mobility must start by December 31st, 2013 with the exception of Academic staff. Scholarships cannot be issued after the closing date of the project, July 14th, 2016, according to the rules of Erasmus Mundus.
The scholarship consists of:

Subsistence allowance
The European university provides a subsistence allowance according to the type of mobility for the duration of the mobility grant.

Type of mobility: Master and Undergraduate students
Allowance amount per month: 1.000 €

Type of mobility: PhD
Allowance amount per month: 1.500 €

Type of mobility: Post doc
Allowance amount per month: 1.800 €

Type of mobility: Academic Staff
Allowance amount per month: 2.500 €


Insurance (accident, travel, health)

The grantee is provided with full insurance coverage (accident, travel, health) for the duration of the mobility grant by the project coordinator, University of Bologna. The insurance policy fulfils all the minimum requirements set by the Erasmus Mundus programme 2009-2013.
Send a copy of the e-ticket to for the issuing of the insurance policy.

Travel costs
The scholarship covers one return ticket, provided by the project coordinator through a travel agency.
The ticket is covered directly by the project coordinator.
The grantee is required to save all original invoices (boarding passes), as they are needed for accounting, and submit them to the coordinator as follows:
- upon arrival in Europe, the grantee must send a scanned copy to and hand in the original boarding passes to the host university.
- upon arrival back to the Home country, the grantee must send a scanned copy to within 3 days from arrival and send it by mail the original boarding passes to:

Università di Bologna – DIRI
Unità di Coordinamento EMA2
Via Filippo Re 4
Bologna - Italy

If the grantee fails to provide the original boarding passes as required within 20 days from return (date as postmark), the coordinating institution is entitled to charge the flight ticket expenses.

Tuition fees
In case of fee charge at the host university, this amount is covered directly by the project. WEBB grantees will not have to pay any tuition fee.


Scholarship duration for full Master and PhD

The max. length of the scholarship allowed for full Master is 24 months, the maximum length of the scholarship allowed for PhD is 34 months. These scholarships are given to students who will get a Master or PhD degree in their Host University. However, the time required by the student to take the degree may be longer than 24 or 36 months, in that case the student will have to finance the studies on his/her own, including health insurance. The return ticket will be paid, within the closing date of the project (July 2016).