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Grantee Testimonials

Students, researchers and staff experiences on grant periods will be published on this page once mobility's are finished.

“I’m so thankful to Erasmus Mundus programme, it was an amazing year of my life. I had the opportunity to spend two semesters learning linguistic at the University of Warsaw, it broaden my knowledge, enable me to get a better education and now it is honorable from me to serve my country with new knowledge and experience”

Gvantsa MOLASHVILI (Telavi State University), Undergraduate Grantee at University of Warsaw


“The experience gained abroad helped me to create a new innovative Computer Laboratory in my Home University.  Even after the mobility, my Host University supervisors are involved in this project and their experience is helping me to shape my new scientific goals”

Mariam ZAKARIASHVILI (Telavi State University), Staff Grantee at University of Poitiers