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Yulieth Katterin Prieto Montañez


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Dipartimento di Matematica

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I am a Ph.D. student in algebraic geometry. My main area of interest is Complex Algebraic Geometry. I am interested in relations between classical algebraic geometry, and derived categories.

Particularly, I work on :

  • Automorphisms on K3 surfaces (joint with Alice Garbagnati at Università di Milano)
  • Moduli spaces of coherent sheaves on K3 surfaces.
  • Derived categories of coherent sheaves and stability conditions of Hyperkähler and Fano manifolds.

Previously, I was working on Tropical Geometry and Real Algebraic Geometry.

I currently work as a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow of the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica  and Ph.D. candidate of the Mathematics Department at Università di Bologna.

Co-organizer of the Workshop EXARCHOS  at Ravenna from 22 - 24 January 2020.


(ONLINE Seminar) Tue May 26 at 19:00: Symplectic automorphisms of K3 surfaces, Universidad Católica de Chile.

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