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Tania Chinni

Research fellow

Department of Cultural Heritage

Short Bio

PhD in History Cultures and Civilizations (SSD: L-ANT / 08).

From March 2021 she is participating in the departmental research topic "Strategies for safeguarding of cultural heritage at risk. Risk analysis, assessment and georeferencing of cultural heritage in Ravenna area", with a project dedicated to monitoring, training and raising awareness of cultural heritage in danger.

She collaborated in the AICS/MAECI Development Cooperation Project "ROCHEMP-Armenia", as project manager (ROCHEMP; ALMAENGAGE; dedicated page DBC).

She participated in the Italian Ministerial project PRIN 2009 “Continuity and discontinuity in the North Adriatic glass productions between 9th century BC and 15th century AD " (Prot. N. 2009MC8FA8).

Since 2020 she is member of the Italian National Committee of the Association Internationale pour l'histoire du verre.

She is co-author in several scientific papers on Italian and international Journals and actively collaborates in internal and external dissemination projects within the academic field (European Researchers Night; Unijunior).

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