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Susanna Mancini


Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/21 Comparative Public Law


Reading Materials GENDER AND THE LAW

SEPTEMBER 18th: Course Presentation

SEPTEMBER 19th: Topic 1: Feminist Theories

SEPTEMBER 25th Topic 2: Equality and Non Discrimination (on the Ground of Gender)

SEPTEMBER 26th Topic 2:  Equality and Non Discrimination (on the Ground of Sexual Orientation)

OCTOBER 2nd: Working Groups

OCTOBER 3rd:Topic 3: Women' and citizenship

OCTOBER 8th:Topic 4: Constituting the Family pp. 1-22

OCTOBER 9th:Topic 4: Constituting the Family pp. 22-55

OCTOBER 16th:Topic 5: LGBT migrants and international protection

OCTOBER 17th: Topic 6: Gender-based International Protection 

OCTOBER 23rd Topic 7: Abortion cases in the USA, Germany and Colombia

OCTOBER 24th Topic 8: Abortion and Gender Equality

OCTOBER 30th Topic 9: International Arguments against Reproductive Rights

OCTOBER 31st Topic 10: Religious Exemptions to Same-Sex Marriage

NOVEMBER 6th Topic 11: Domestic Violence and Femicide

NOVEMBER 7th Topic 12: Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts

NOVEMBER 13th Topic 13: Civil Partnership in Italian law

NOVEMBER 14th Topic 14: Gender-based Discrimination in EU Law: the Muslin Headscarf Cases

NOVEMBER 20th Topic 15:Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?

NOVEMBER 21st Topic 16: Balancing Minority Rights and Gender Justice

NOVEMBER 27th Topic 17: FGM and Circumcision: the Construction of Gender by Surgery

NOVEMBER 29th Topic 18:



Published on: October 01 2018