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Susanna Mancini


Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/21 Comparative Public Law


Gender and the Law Topics Module I

Gender and the Law Topics - Prof. Susanna Mancini (Module I)

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Class 1 (16/09): Introduction to Feminist Theories

Class 2 (17/09): Women and Citizenship

Class 3 (19/09): Democracy and the Representation of Difference

Class 4 ( 23/9) : How to write your paper and how to structure your group presentation

Class 5 (24/09): Multicultural Citizenship and Women’s Equality

Class 6 (26/09): Balancing Minority Rights and Gender Justice

Class 7 (1/10): The Anti-Stereotype Approach (Documentary on Justice Ruth Ginsburg)

Class 8 (3/10): Violence Against Women: The Istanbul Convention

Class 9 (8/10): Rights, Body, Sexuality, Relationships. Religious Objections to Same-Sex Equality 

Class 10 (10/10):Same-Sex Marriage: Comparing Constitutional Rationales

Class 11 (15/10): LGTB migrants and asylum seekers

Class 12 (17/10): The ban of gender studies programs as a herald of democratic decline: the Cases of Hungary and North Macedonia [guest speaker: Dr. Dorjana Bojanovska, Department of Legal Studies, Central European University, Budapest]

Class 13 (22/10): The Legal Status of Same-Sex Unions in Italy

Class 14 (24/10): The Constitutionalization of Abortion

Class 15 (29/10): The Transnational Dimension of Reproductive Rights

Class 16 (31/10): Religious exemptions, reproductive health and antidiscrimination laws [guest speaker: Prof. Frederick Mark Gedicks, Guy Anderson Chair & Professor of Law, Brigham Young University Law School, Provo, UT, USA]

Published on: September 14 2019