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Susanna Mancini


Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/21 Comparative Public Law



Seprtember 17th: Introduction: What is Comparative Constitutional Law

September 18th: Courts and Comparative Constitutional Law

September 24rd: How to Write your Final Paper

September 25th: Models ofConstitutional Identity

October 1st: Constitutional Identity in Israel (Prof. Moshe Cohen-Eliya)

October 2nd: Democracy and Constitutionalism in the EU

October 8th: Topic 4: Judicial review

October 9th: Topic 5: Federalism and Federalist Paper No. 39

October 15th: Topic 6: Secession

October 16th: Topic 7: Asylum in Comparative Constitutional Law

October 17th: Topic 8: Courts and Consociations

October 22nd: Topic 9: Citizens and Aliens

October 23rd: Topic 10: Trump and the Constitution

October 29th: Topic 11: Dicrimination based on Race

October 30th: Topic 12: Group-Based Equality

November 5th: Topic 13: Hate Speech and Holocaust Denial

November 6th: Topic 14:Freedom of Religion

November 12th: Topic 15:

November 13th: Topic 16:

Published on: October 01 2018