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Stefano Selleri

Full Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Curriculum vitae

Prof. Stefano Selleri is Full Professor in “Electromagnetics Fields” and has been teaching several university courses ranging from basic electromagnetics to advanced topics in antennas, microwaves, electromagnetic compatibility, optics, photonics and lighting. His scientific activity is mainly focused on the study, design and characterization of standard or speciality optical fibers and fiber based components for telecommunication, industrial and sensing applications. He has been working with different ICT companies for microwave antenna development and for optical amplifier design and experimental characterization. He is cofounder of a university spin-off company providing RF and microwave services, measurements and technical consultancy for wireless operators, public institutions and private customers. He is also cofounder of a start-up company which develops smart biological and chemical sensor devices integrated with mobile platforms. He is the leader of the Group of Applied ElectroMagnetics – GAEM at Parma University. He was in the role of Department Director, member of the Academic Senate and member of the Academic Board of Director.

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