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Stefano Ferrari

Associate Professor

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: L-ART/04 Museology, Art and Restoration Criticism

Short Bio

Stefano Ferrari teaches Psychology of Art at the Department of the Arts of Bologna University. His studies concern the relations among art, literature, psychology and psychoanalysis, with particular interest in the psychological dynamics of self-representation, both in literarature (writing autobiographical) and in the artistic field (portrait, self-portrait). He is president of the Emilia Romagna Section of the International Association for Art and Psychology ( which has its headquarters at the Department of Arts of Bologna University. In 2010 he founded “PsicoArt”, an online magazine of art and psychology. The magazine hosts and promotes interdisciplinary studies and research, both historical and methodological, on the different relationships among arts, literature, psychology and psychoanalysis. He was also the founder and director of “Quaderni di PsicoArt” series of monographs on line, which is also hosted on the platform AMS Acta Alma DL University of Bologna Go to the Curriculum vitae


+39 051 20 9 7292
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Dipartimento delle Arti
Piazzetta G.Morandi 2, Bologna - Go to map

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Wednesday from 11 at 13 at the Department of Arts in piazzetta Morandi 2, study 7 on the first floor.

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