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Dear students, next exam test (April, 27) will take place on-line.

The exam will be of the same kind (same exercises) as the previous two (January and February sessions)

We will meet on-line (Skype, or Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, …), and then you will send me ( your personal data (identity card, university code, ...).

Then I will send you the first exercise.

You must keep you audio- and video-connection on.

If you switch off the video-connection, your exam fails.

After a specified time (5 minutes), immediately you have to take a picture of your solution, and you have to send the picture to my e-mail account.

Afterwards, I will send you the second exercise, and so on ...

It is worth stressing that, if you reject your positive February-exam grade or your positive January-exam grade, this positive score will be deleted.

If April exam failed, or the grade were lower than expected, you should face the following exam session in June.

If you wish, I can send you the complete solutions of last exam tests.

The student DECHRI LHOUCINE should contact me by e-mail.

Yours faithfully, S.B.


Pubblicato il: 21 aprile 2020