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Stefania Ceredi

Adjunct professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Curriculum vitae


Born in Cesena on 22/07/1969
Status: married
Driving license: B


Degree in physiotherapy
at the "School for Rehabilitation Therapists", Emilia Romagna - on 06 06 1995:
Final vote: 70/70 cum laude
The elaboration of the thesis that deals with the "evaluation and treatment of disorders of posture and movement in the outcomes of coma after head injury", was created in collaboration with the Medical Center Light on the Sea and the AUSL Cesena.

Specialistic Degree/ Master of Science in Health and Rehabilitation achieved in December 2008 at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Florence with a score of 110/110.

Degree to address pedagogical language (English German) Achieved at the Istituto Magistrale "Immaculate" in Cesena, 1988
The course of study lasted five years.

Training Courses
I attended several training courses, covering the following areas:
• Issues of patient neuromotuleso:Brain and spinal cord injury , hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis, PCI, etc.

1. Bobath course "Evaluation and Treatment of hemiplegic patients Adult"
Rimini 1999 2000 (123 hours);Body Trainer "International Bobath Instructors- Training Association" IBITA

2. Participation in the 3rd seminar "The cranio cephalic trauma re-entry into the community" Alghero (SS) 12 May 13, 2000;

3. Course attendance "The rehabilitative intervention in brain injury from intensive care unit untill reintegration work" Siena 09 -13 11 1998 (42 hours);

4. Participation in the Regional conference "the rehabilitation of patients with severe brain injury," Az USL Cesena 07 05 2004

5. Participation in the "international conference on recent advances in neurotraumatology" Riccione -11 08 09 1996;

6. course attendance "the neuropsychological rehabilitation aftermath coma.. to "Igea Marina 20 10 1995 Teacher Profs. Levi Rahamani;

7. Participation in the "9th National Congress So.MIPar. Regional meetings and I.M.S.O.P .; Florence 28 29 October 30, 1999
Organized by "So. Mi. Medical Society of Paraplegia par- Italian and IMSOP International Medical Society of Paraplegia "
8. participation in the educational event "Treatment of neurological bladder disorder- Protocol catheterise AZ USL Rimini 19 10 2005

9. Participation in the training course on "rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis"; Az USL Cesena 25-26 11 1994 Speakers Dr. M.Franceschini et al. "

10. Participation in the conference "work rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise" Milan 19- 20- 21 05 1995

11. Participation in the seminar "the nature of the defect in the motor cerebral palsy"; Cesena 20 05 1994 Professor A. Ferrari.


1. Participation in the information day organized dall'AITR on "evaluation of swallowing treatment"; Bologna 25 01 1995

2. participation in the course "evaluation and treatment of dysphagia in brain injured patient”

Igea Marina 15- 18 11 2000 (26 hours).. Teachers Prof. G. Ruoppolo, Dr. A. Amitrano (IRCSS St. Lucia Rome) Dr. A. Ricci Maccarini (Az. USL Cesena)

3. . Dysphagia in children: eating disorders and swallowing disorders. Bolona 2013 - Organizer Medlearnig Lecturer Prof Antonlella Cerchiari Hospital Bambin Gesù Roma Palidoro

Wheelchairs, seating systems, aids,, patient care at home.

1. certificate of attendance to the theoretical and practical course "use and maintenance of the chair"; Igea Marina 01 02 December 1995;
Professor F. T. A. Spagnolin.

2. Conference on "sitting position: comfort safety and prevention of bedsores"; Cesena 06 06 1997.

3. Course attendance "Update on the management of the patient at home"; Bologna 21 04 1999
Teacher FT Roberto Ronchi.

4. Conference "changes in user Socio welfare (the assessment scale FIM);
Igea Marina 1995 (7 hours)

• Rehabilitation in water (hydrokinetic)

1. I am lifeguard I get the licence CONI in 1990 and swimming instructor CONI 1992

2. certificate of "graduation motor activity in water for rehabilitation" AITR Umbria 1996

(72 hours);

Manual therapy:

1. Participation in the first level course IMTA assessment examination and treatment of functional problems of the musculoskeletal system "Maitland Concept" Cesena 2005 (4 weeks)
Body Trainer "IMTA International Maitland Teachers Association –

2. certificate in "Global Postural Re-education (RPG); Bologna 1998 (185 hours)
U.I.P.T.M. Universitè Permanent International De Therapies Manuelle "

3. participation in the conference "scoliosis from orthopedic treatment to global postural re-education"; Bologna 28 05 1994

4. Certified copy of participation in the theoretical and practical training course "taping posttraumatic and prevention"; Cesena AITR 27 28 October 29, 1995

5. Neuro Muscular Taping - Cesena 2014. Organiser AUSL Cesena Professor D. Blow

• Rehabilitation in children

1. Respiratory rehabilitation in children. Cesena 2013 - Ente trainer AUSL Cesena.

2. Rehabilitation of the upper limb after injury of the brachial plexus in children. Cesena 2013

3. Spectrum Disorders artistic ASD. Cesena 2013 and 2014 Organized by AUSL Cesena - lecturer Dr. Raffin Children and Autism Foundation Onlus Pordenone and Parma.

4. CAA augmentative communication and tables theme - Ente trainer AUSL Cesena Professor DR. Antonella Costantino et al. Centro sovrazonale di comunicazione aumentativa Milano .

5. CAA Aids for augmentative communication .Cesena 2013 - AUSL Cesena

6. Dysphagia age Pediatric Cesena 2013/2014: Organizer AUSL Cesena. Professor Beatrice Feletti (auls Ravenna).

7. Dysphagia in children: eating disorders and swallowing disorders. Bolona 2013 - Organizer Medlearnig Lecturer Prof Antonlella Cerchiari Hospital “Bambin Gesù” Rome Palidoro.

8. swallowing nutritional and surgical disorders in children. Rimini 2013- AUSL Rimini.

9. rehabilitative aspects of dysphagia in children. Ravenna 2013. AUSL Ravenna.

10. Neuro Muscular Taping in Children - Forlì 2013. Organiser AUSL Forlì Professor D. Blow

11. Drooling desease new rehabilitative approach. Area Vasta Romagna

12. New neuromuscular diseases. Forlì 2012 -ente organizer AUSL Forlì Professor A. Ferrari et al.

13. Infantile Cerebral Palsy: tools for functional prognosis and rehabilitation. Forlì 2014 - AUSL Forlì Professor A. Ferrari et al.

14. The aid between promotion and renunciation. Bologna 2014 - Teachers A ferrari et al.

15. Pediatric BLS. Cesena 2014 - AUSL Area Vasta Romagna.

16. The social distress. Cesena in 2013. Organized by AUSL Cesena- Team Psychologists AUSL Cesena.

Return to drive after neurological and orthopedic desease.

1. Participation in the 2nd national conference "driving licenses for disabled" Milan 09 06 2001
Organized by "Paraplegic Association Lombardia - Via Milano 13 Tarvisio"

2. Participation in the conference "Return to Driving after Traumatic Brain Injury" Fontanellato 13 14 September 15, 2001 "E.B.I.S. European Brain Injury Society (President A. Mazzucchi) "

3. Participation in the "course for operators of Mobility Centres Fiat Auto; Bologna 06 December 7, 2002. Organized By "Fiat Auto Autonomy Programme (Coord. Ft A Ridolfi) and Vigorous INAIL Prosthesis Centre of Budrio (Bo)

4. Course "Road Safety between culture and method" Pieve di Soligo 08 10 2005.

5. Role of the physiotherapist in “return to drive after severe desease”

Thesis of my specialistic degree.

• Training on management in the social and health

1. Participation in the conference "Promoting technologies for health" (promoted by ASTER Bologna Research Centre) 30 11 2004 "ASTER Science Technology Enterprise"

2. training course "tutor training for physiotherapists"; Cesena in 1997 (47 hours)

3. Participation in the seminar "The continuing medical education: updating the professionals of medical care"; Bologna 25 01 2002 Organized by "Alma Mater Studiorum” University of Bologna

4. Participation in the educational event "Professional expertize and health " Cesena Az USL 18 11 2006

5. certificate of attendance to the course "Training Plan for the introduction of quality in the cooperative company "; Igea Marina (EPHESUS) 2000 (16 hours)
Body Trainer "EFESO Training Organisation for Social Economy .

6. "Know, assess and control the companies, strategic skills of the directors. Igea Marina (IRECOP) 2004 (80 hours), Trainer "IRECOP Emilia Romagna registered on 21 04 2004 at No. 14850"

7. Course "The Company Light on the Sea and the challenges of the market: training plan for the development of management control. Igea Marina (EPHESUS) 2007 (52 hours)
Trainer "EFESO Training Organisation for Social Economy .

Experience as a trainer/teacher and participation as a speaker at seminars and conferences

1. speaker at the European Symposium "Quavadis" "Quality and Use Aspects of Vehicle Adaptations for People with Disabilities" 29 04 2003
Sponsored by DG TREN - E3 / HR / s / l0189 / D (2003) - European Union website in Brussels Rue De Mot - Project Manager Aleid Alestra Oranjelaan 29, 3843AA HarderWiijk, The Netherlands.

2. speaker at the seminar "the special license" (two editions 2001 and 2002)
Sponsored by the Faculty of Medicine and surgery of the University of Bologna –

3. Teaching the ecm accredited course o "Disability and Driving"26- September 27, 2003. "training event 6764-62097 / 676-62100 / 6764- - Organized by vigorous INAIL Prosthesis Centre of Budrio (Bo).

4. Speaker in Regional meeting SINFER "The integration between public and private facilities in the rehabilitation Rimini 27 05 2000

5. Speaker at Seminar "Building Autonomy" Rimini 26 06 1999.
Promoted by "COABA Coordination Operators Felling Barriers archittettoniche in Defense of the Handicap

6. Participation in the realization of the poster "the path in occupational therapy in brain injury deseas “ presented at the seminar "The cranio cephalic trauma re-entry into the community" Alghero 12 May 13, 2000;Trainer "Section SIMFER rehabilitation Brain Injury"

7. Participation in the thesis "The special license a tool to improve the quality of individual and collective life" Degree in Physiotherapy University of Bologna in 2003.
Faculty of Medicine and surgery of the University of Bologna –

8. co-rapporteur to the thesis "Mobility in auto and disability" Degree in Physiotherapy University of Ferrara in 2004. Faculty of Medicine and surgery –

9. I lectured for the consortium "School and Work" in Bologna within the European Project "Hand to Hand" aimed at re-employment of citizens after severe Brain and spinal cord injury; 1999 2000
Promoted by the Consortium of Bologna School and work within the European project "Hand to Hand"

• Research in Rehabilitation

1. Participation as a researcher at the European Research Project "consesus"
"Promoting Consensus in Assessing Driving Ability of People with special needs (PSN) through common methodologies and normative tools" (IST - 2001 37092) years 2002 2005.

2. 1. Participation as a researcher and speaker at the European Research Project "QUAVADIS"

Bruxelles 2002.

3. assignment as a researcher for the National Institute of Health.(rome Italy) the research project "DATIS" aimed at analyzing through computerized equipment (VCR MG3), the functional characteristics of driving, of citizens in the age group between 20 and 70 years.

• Computer skills

Operating systems: Windows.
Application programs: Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Power Point, exell, Access), Publisher
Programs browsing: Internet Explorer , outlook ecc..

• Foreign languages

English: Good knowledge
German: medium knowledge
French: Knowledge of school level
The study of English and German, started at the level of secondary school continued later with specific courses and stays abroad both in Anglo-Saxon countries that Germanic and the title of
"Correspondent in foreign languages" formative year 1991/1992
Body Trainer "ECAP Agency of Forlì and Cesena (Via Maroncelli 34 Fc) / Provincial Administration of Forli - Recorded 16 10 1992 n ° 1835 -".

• Career path

- 1989-1992 After obtaining the high school graduation as teacher in the primary school and the necessary licence for teaching released by Italian governement, I worked as a substitute teacher and assistant to disable children in primary schools.

- Since 1991 I have taught swimming at the municipal pool Racecourse of Cesena as a swimming instructor and educator; and 'in this context that I made the first experiences in the water with children with cerebral palsy.

- Since 1993, I participated in initiatives of rehabilitation and swimming training with brain and spinal cord injured patient-

- Since 1996 After graduating from hydrokinesitherapist I started to work with neurological and orthopedic diseases in water.

- Since 1995 Working as a physical therapist at the Department of Rehabilitation Intensive currently located at the OC Franchini Santarcangelo managed by the Cooperative "Light on the Sea/Luce sul mare" of Igea Marina (RN). The Division is specialized in the rehabilitation of serious Brain and spinal cord injury, but also neurological and neuromuscolar deseases. Along with the rehabilitation team and I also deal with aspects of occupational therapy.

- Since 1999 I am the coordinator of rehabilitation area at the Department of intensive rehabilitation .

- Since 2000 I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative "Light on the Sea/luce sul mare".

- 1996-1999 I worked at the clinic "Medicina Insieme" Gatteo Country (RN) working on patients with scoliosis, or orthopedic problems with post-traumatic surgical and degenerative.

- 1999-2000 I worked as a teacher for the consortium "School and Work" in Bologna within the European Project "Hand to Hand" aimed at the re-employment of citizens after cerebral or spinal cord trauma.

- Since 1998 I've done seminars by rapporteur on the independence and rehabilitation for the province of Rimini in the SIMFER and for students of the Bachelor in Physiotherapy Faculty of Medicine and surgery of the University of Bologna .

- Since 1996 I deal with special licenses, evaluating and optimizing the user's residual functions disabled until you come to the choice of the most suitable for driving.

- Since 2001 I am the coordinator of the "Mobility Centre"; laboratory created in collaboration with the USL Rimini and Fiat Auto Autonomy platform, equipped with a computerized simulator that can analyze the residual functions of users and a fleet with vehicles equipped with electronic and mechanical devices necessary training for return to driving.

- 2002 For the experience gained in the field and knowledge of the English language are joined by a commission of European researchers sponsored by Italy from the Fiat research center.

- 2003 I took part in the research project European Consensus for three years, and collaborated in the research project European Qua Vadis.

- 2004 I worked as a lecturer at the INAIL to Vigorous Bologna relative to accredited course ecm "Disability and Guide."

- 2005 I took part as a researcher in the project "Datis" sponsored by the National Institute of Health.

- 2006 I was appointed as a member of the Office of the Coordination of Health Management Area Rehabilitation in my Company (luce sul mare).

- 2012 I left the company “Luce sul mare” and I was hired by the AUSL Cesena - UONPIA - as a physical therapist for children and adolescents where I still work.
- 2013 I participated in an internal competition at the University of Bologna Faculty of Surgery and Medicine and winning it I got the teaching for a course on clinical reasoning in children.
They also became a member of the board of the degree course in physiotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery - University of Bologna.

- 2014 I ‘ m the organizational contact for physiotherapists operating in my division (UONPIA Cesena inside wide area Romagna).

• License granted pursuant to and in accordance with Law 675/96 the use of personal data contained in this document.
• I signed Stefania Ceredi born in Cesena on 22 07 1969 with registered residence in Capocolle Bertinoro FC Via Fucaccia 653 Zip Code 47032
I Self certificate pursuant to Presidential Decree 445/00 that the statement is true.

in Faith
Stefania Ceredi

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