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Sonia Lucarelli

Associate Professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: SPS/04 Political Science


Call for the participation to the Globus Students' debate and final conference - DEADLINE 27 FEBRUARY

Selection for the participation to the GLOBUS Migration & Justice Debate

The GLOBUS Project is an Horizon 2020 research project that critically assesses the European contribution to global justice according to different conceptions of justice ( ). In the context of this project the University of Bologna research team (Lead by Prof. Sonia Lucarelli), in cooperation with the Punto Europa in Forlì, will organise a Students’debate and a Students’ final conference. The best performers in the first, will participate in the second.

What is the Students’Debate?

The GLOBUS Migration & Justice Debate will take place on 25 March 2020, 2-7 PM, at the University of Bologna, ForlìCampus. It will be an afternoon in which the participant students will discuss (in plenary and in subgroups) questions and visions related to global justice in the field of migration, with the accompaniment of the GLOBUS team members from the University of Bologna.

Three students among the participants to the Debate will be selected to take part to the GLOBUS Students’ Conference with students from the other GLOBUS Universities (Oslo, Tubingen, Dublin and Johannesburg), on May 12-13, in Forlì. The same students will then attend the Final GLOBUS Conference ( University Centre in Bertinoro the 13 – 15 of May), where they will have the opportunity to engage also with the researchers involved in the GLOBUS Project, covering all the four areas of enquiry of the project (Security, Climate Change, Trade and Development, Migration).

How to get ready for the debate?

While further material will be provided to the selected participants, the GLOBUS Educational website, accessible at the address, will serve as a background reference. The website offers a variety of resources, quizzes and a self-test through which visitors learn more about different conceptions of political justice, their application, their internal tensions and to what extent the EU furthers or undermines global justice. One section is dedicated to migration and its dilemmas.

Who can participate?

The selection for the GLOBUS Migration and Justice Debate is open to students from the second cycle degrees of the Forlì Campus: LM SID, MIREES, IPM, Criminology for Investigation and Security and Mass Media and Politics.

The demand for the participation to the GLOBUS Migration & Justice Debate must include:

  • 1 file with first cycle degree final grade, list of exams with grades, and self-declaration of proficiency in English (written and spoken)
  • 1 file with a CV that specifies other relevant experiences (1 page max)
  • 1 file with a letter of motivation (max 500 words) which explains why you think to be suitable for the GLOBUS Migration and Justice Debate

Selection will be based on the students’university proficiency, their CV, and their letter of motivations.

How to apply?

Applications must be sent to the address [] not later than 27 February 2020, at 12:00 with the object: Application Migration & Justice Debate.


What do you get?

- an international experience in a European project to enhance your CV

- a direct experience of exchange and debate on the topical issues of migration

- the participation to the final Students's conference and the GLOBUS official final conference (12-15 May 2010)


Published on: February 26 2020