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Sonia Lucarelli

Professoressa ordinaria

Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali

Settore scientifico disciplinare: SPS/04 SCIENZA POLITICA


Guest Lectures organized this semester

Guest lectures organized this semester in my courses

Sonia Lucarelli


February 25 (4-5 PM) Prof- Sam Potolicchio "The Foundation of Effective Public Speaking"

March 20 (11-13) Dr Bernardo Venturi (Istituto Affari Internazionali) –The EU and the security-migration-development nexus.

April 16 (11-13) Dr Matteo Dian (Unibo), Methods and Practical tips for academic papers and dissertations.

April 30 (15 -17) Mr. Vincent Vanbelle (World Food Programme), Hunger and War

May 6 (13 -15) Dr. Silvia D’Amato (European University Institute) Il terrorismo internazionale

May 8 (9 -11) Mr. Leonardo Gurrieri e Punto europa, L’Unione europea vista dai giovani

May14 (15 -17) Dr. Matteo Dian  (University of Bologna), Memoria e politica estera cinese

May 8 Wed (11 -13) Mr. Jakub Kalenshy (Atlantic Council), Kremlin's disinformation: the strategy and tactics, and European reactions

May21 Tue (11-13) Mr. Gianpiero Granchielli (OSCE), The Osce, Minority Protection and Confidence Building Measures: Experiences from the Balkans

May22 Tue (11-13) Dr Nicolò Sartori (Istituto Affari Internazionali) The future of energy: opportunities & challenges.



The contested politics of migration:global challenges, critical views

(organized with Dr Giorgio Grappi)

14 March h. 11-13 - Prof. Devi Sacchetto (University of Padova), Labour, migration and the multinational worker: European perspectives

April 8 Monday (6-8 PM) Dr. Silvia D’Amato (European University Institute), Terrorism and European Security

10 April h. 11-13 - Prof. Maurice Stierl (Universityof Warwick), Migrant resistance in contemporary Europe

02 May h. 11-13 - Prof. Nina Hall (Johns Hopkins Bologna), Migration and climate change

08 May h. 11-13 Prof. Enrica Rigo (University of Roma Tre), Asylum, gender, jurisdiction

15 May h. 11-13 Prof. Martina Tazzioli(Swansea University), Borders securitization and the criminalization of solidarity

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