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PAN-EUROPEAN SECURITY - Topics for students' presentations

Tuesday 6.03 | 11.00-13.00 IR and Security (1): Realism and Liberalism

(i) A realist approach to European security (e.g. John Mearsheimer’s view of European security)

(ii) A liberal approach to European security (e.g. John Ikenberry’s view of European security)

Wendsday 7.03| 11.00-13.00 IR and Security (3): Constructivism and Post-Positivism -

(i) A constructivist approach to European security

(ii) Critical theory and the analysis of European security: a case-study (e.g. Critical Theory and the analysis of counterterrorism in Europe)

Wendsday 14.03| 11.00-13.00 Security Governance

(i) a case study of regional security governance

(ii) a case study of regional security governance

Wendsday 21.03 | 13.00-15.00 European security during the Cold War

  1. What was security during the Cold War?
  2. Proliferation and non proliferation during the Cold War
  3. Arms control during the Cold War
  4. The Cold War and security institutions in Europe

Tuesday 10.04| 11.00-13.00 The Post-Cold War Transition -

(i) The War in Bosnia and the international reaction

(ii) The transformation of Russia’s foreign policy after the Cold War

(iii) The transformation of US's role after the Cold War

Wendsday 11.04| 15.00-17.00 The European Union: EU's peculiar foreign policy

(i) Historical evolution of EU’s external relations

(ii) The EU as a special type of power (civilian, normative, soft…) and the concept of “structural foreign policy”.

13. Tuesday 17.04| 11.00-13.00 The EU: The European Union's Common Security and Defence Policy

(i) EU missions

(ii) non CSDP external relations: the security component.

(iii) The EU Global Strategy: the document and the debate

(iv) The effects of Brexit on the CSDP

Tuesday 24.04| 11.00-13.00

Students’ debate: A European Army? Should the EU develop its own unitary and independent army?




Wendsday 2.05 | 11.00-13.00 NATO: history and functioning

(i) historical developments (main steps);

(ii) NATO’S Strategic concepts (with particular attention to the core tasks set in the latest SC)

(iv) NATO’s operations

Tuesday 8. 05| 11.00-13.00 NATO: Partnerships, enlargements and relations with Russia -

(i) Nato’s enlargements

(ii) NATO-Russia relations since the end of the Cold War

** STUDENTS’ DEBATE: Is NATO’s enlargement to Monetenegro legitimate and appropriate?

  • Nato’s view
  • Russia’s view]

- discussant

Wendsday 16. 05| 11.00-13.00 Other Organizations: The OSCE, The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and CSTO

(i) OSCE

(ii) SCO

(iii) CSTO

Wendsday 23. 05| 11.00-13.00 - Energy security, Counter-terrorism, Cybersecurity

(i) energy security, bringing examples of contemporary issues at stake (e.g. energy security in the Ukranian crisis; etc…)

(ii) Counter-terrorism, bringing examples of contemporary issues at stake

(iii) Cybersecurity, bringing examples of contemporary issues at at

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