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Sofia Bandini

Adjunct Professor

Department of Management


Point 1. Show of the most recent scientific acquisition concerning the entrusting of the healt services. Point 2. In depth study and analisys of the changes in the communitary discipline realized   with the Directive 2004/18/CEE and the Legislative decree. 163/2006. Point 3. Innovation brought by the Legislative decree 163/2006 regarding the contracts between the Public Administration and  non profit subjects and analisys of the appropriate legislation.

Point 1. Focus on the last two years of the public services' running in particular the health and social- health services. Study regarding the different profiles of the issue such as the IPAB' s process of transformation in utilities for the people and their role in the assistential services' running; crediting of these services' supplier. This study leaded to publication and it has also been an important learning path specific for operators and managers of the Public Healt Service, through the activation of a specific course of Health specialization supported by the University of Bologna-Faculty of Forlì, also set up for the academic years 2007-2008.

Point 2. From the study of the Directive 2004/18CE, concerning the coordination of call for bids, supplying and services' award procedures, that leaded to a publication – Appalti di fornitura e servizi secondo la direttiva 2004/18CEE, edizione Giappichelli 2006 _ started an in- depth study focus on the recent national law “Codice dei Contratti Pubblici”, Legislative Decree 163/2006. The objective of this research is the study of the italian and european law issues through an in- depth comment and a juridical institute comparison both in the Directive 2004/18/CE and in the Legislative Decree 163/2006. The analisys of these normative texts has been leading with the most recent juridical tributes.

Point 3. The research leaded to the study of several profiles regarding the issue such as the relevance of the social aspects in the call for bids' award procedures; the new management models used by the Public Administration such as the entrusting of social- assistential services to non profit subjects, in house proxy relationship. The research got rich of a new work “I rapporti contrattuali fra la P.A. e i soggetti profit e non profit in materia di forniture e servizi nel nuovo Codice dei contratti”, published communitary initiative Equal PS Geographic called “TESEO” – Phase II - Action 2  with the code: IT-G2-SAR-005, 2007.

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