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Simonetta Abenda

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/05 Mathematical Analysis


Reference books for Mathematical Methods

Lecture notes (handwritten) are available at AMS-Campus (Start from my web page -> Teaching -> Course Units -> Teaching Material M2 Mathematical Methods)

Students may use also the following books:

- Davide Guidetti: Notes of the course Mathematical Methods (Pdf file available on AMS-Campus: eprint/157317 [] ) : Chapters 2 (normed spaces, Fourier series) and Chapter 4 (Fourier transform)

- Erwin Kreyszig: Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 10th Edition J. Wiley (2014) Chapters 6
(Laplace transform), Chapter 11 (Fouries series and Fourier transform ) and Chapter 12 (PDEs)

Published on: October 10 2017