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Simone Gheduzzi

PhD Student

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/14 Architectural and Urban Design


Keywords: pubblic urban space, regeneration, urban policy

In today's world there is an excessive overpopulation of architectures and symbols that have made it difficult to understand the qualities of a place, and have instead contributed to alienating the spaces of cities for their inhabitants. The temporary nature of today's architecture sometimes makes places too dense or without information; in them it is therefore not possible to perceive the typical elements that have always characterized the city, creating voids depersonalized within it.

A new model of intervention on public space is needed, based on the elements of architectural permanence, which can allow citizens to have the correct perception of the spaces: it is a meaningful operation aimed at fully exploiting the places of the community, giving it back to them. The ethical purpose of architecture is to actively participate in the life of the community, influencing it in order to benefit it, not being a simple background. Public space, intended as a community space, and architecture can influence the community through the educational component inherent in it.

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