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Informazioni sullo scambio Erasmus con l'Università di Aveiro

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Application deadlines
May 31st    = 1st Semester and full year; 15th November = 2nd Semester

Application procedure
Nominations are required to be sent by home University to Then, nominated students must submit in the following documents:
- ECTS Application Form and Learning Agreement, duly filled, signed, dated and sealed by the applicant and sending University’s academic and institutional coordinators;
- Applicant's transcript of records from sending University;
- Passport or ID card photocopy, plus 2 passport-size photos.

Assessment Procedures
The application is subject to formal assessment, which takes place in two phases:
1. Technical Assessment – to check that the application is complete
2. Academic Assessment – to assess the feasibility of the study proposal
Once the applicant is formally accepted, a letter of acceptance is issued. The letter of acceptance is suitable for visa request purposes in the home country, if necessary.

xchange students are not required to fill in an application for accommodation. We presume that all exchange students will require assistance in finding accommodation. Therefore, once the student has been officially admitted at the University of Aveiro, he/she will automatically receive assistance.

Language and Courses
As a general rule, all classes taught at the University of Aveiro are given in Portuguese. Therefore students will need to have a reasonable command of the language. The University offers Portuguese as Foreign Language courses throughout each semester, for 4 hours per week, completely free of charge, at the Department of Languages and Cultures. Classes for beginner or advanced learners are available.
Portuguese as Foreign Language courses require a specific enrolment form prior to arrival in Aveiro. The students can download the form from the Department of Languages webpage (at, fill it and send it directly to, stating that they are applying as ERASMUS students.
Also, our teaching staff members are quite flexible regarding the production of coursework, essays and examinations in English as a means to overcome the perception that language is the main barrier to mobility.

Buddy system and student life
Every incoming student will be assigned an Erasmus Buddy automatically. The student from UA will contact the exchange student before the beginning of the study period here, offering support and assistance, if needed, for all the practical matters, as well as finding accommodation in the city.
As an estimate, an ERASMUS student in Aveiro will need somewhere between 450€ and 600€ per month for accommodation, food, study material and other basic expenses.
More information: -
English version www .proalv .pt/erasmusInPt/