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Coordinatrice del Corso di Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico in Ingegneria edile — architettura

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MATCH-UP Interreg Europe project

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EU regions are experiencing growing levels of air pollution, CO2 emissions, traffic congestion. In a situation of general lack of financial resources for big infrastructural investments, the development of sustainable multimodal mobility becomes one of the EU key challenges. To be more efficient, mobility systems require a greater integration at each territorial level. Therefore, to overcome the current barriers, EU regions need integrated strategies enhancing an effective modal interchange and a higher integration between land use and transport planning processes.

MATCH-UP project focuses on the optimization of the places where people change between transport modes. By considering 4 main types of low-carbon means of transport (Walking/cycling; Rail transport; Public transport; Green vehicles), MATCH-UP aims at achieving significant improvements of modal interchange within 4 involved countries (IE, DE, PT, RO).

The overall objective is to embed multimodal mobility strategies into the Project Partners’ policy instruments (i.e. two ROPs funded by Structural Funds and 2 local policies) by defining design requirements concerning interchange nodes and transport services for managing and coordinating the interchange, and by developing tools and methods to assess different policies and design scenarios and to define the priority level of multimodal actions.

The interregional and multilevel exchange of experience process, through various activities as staff exchanges, site visits and the involvement of local stakeholder groups (e.g. policy makers, managing authorities, transport service providers) will increase skills and knowledge among policy makers and other public administration staff, thus influencing their capacity to promote new initiatives towards sustainable mobility.

Beside Project Partners and local stakeholder groups, MATCH-UP will reach other Target Groups through local dissemination activities as Mobility Cafes and interregional public conferences.

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