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Silvia Sánchez

Adjunct professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Curriculum vitae

Mother tongue (A - Spanish) and working languages (B - Italian, C - English, German)


· Postgraduate Master’s course in Specialised Translation (legal and financial) EN/DE>ES with final mark of 9/10 and Master Thesis 10/10, University of Cordoba, Spain.

· MA in Translation and Interpreting (EN/DE>ES), specialisation in Conference Interpreting, University Complutense, Madrid, Spain.

· ERASMUS – MA in Translation and Interpreting (DE>ES), University of Leipzig, Germany.


· 2021: AIIC Member (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence)

· 2012: Member of ASETRAD (Spanish Association of Professional Translators, Interpreters and Revisers), professional member no. 1622, Spain.

 · 2010: Chartered Sworn Translator-Interpreter EN<>ES. Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation no. 8042, Spain.



· 2020-Present: Adjunct Professor of Conference Interpreting IT>ES, University of Bologna, MA in Conference Interpreting, Italy.

· 2011-Present: Istituto di Alti Studi Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici Carlo Bo, Florence, Italy. Teaching of Consecutive Interpreting IT<>ES (I, II and III year) and Specialised Translation IT>ES (III year). Final Thesis supervisor.

· 2012-2014: Confcommercio Arezzo, Arezzo, Italy. Teaching of Spanish Language for business purposes and tourism.

· 2012: Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici, Master in Language Mediation, Marketing and Turism, Pisa, Italy. Teaching of Consecutive Interpreting IT<>ES and Translation IT>ES.


Freelance Translator active since 2010 specialised in legal and financial translation, EU policies, communication, business and tourism. Ongoing collaborations with public and private organisations at national and international level.

Freelance Conference Interpreter active since 2011

- Working languages: EN,IT>ES // IT>ES.

- Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting.

Some conference interpreting jobs:

  • Squilibrio di Genere, Degenerazione e Violenza, Scuola della Magistratura, Italy.
  • Corso Elite per Responsabili del Settore Giovanile, UEFA, Italy.
  • CGIL Incontri. Le differenze in un mondo globale, opportunità e insidie, Italy.
  • Menarini Awards, Italy.
  • Gli organismi per la gestione della crisi dell’impresa, della banca e dello Stato, University of Siena, Italy.
  • Emotions and Affections In Education, from birth to 10 years, Italy.
  • La Prevenzione degli Incendi Boschivi, Italy.
  • Apoteca Natura Evolution, Aboca, Italy.
  • Mediterraneo Downtown, Italy.
  • 15th Anniversary Ceremony of San Marino's Constitutional Court, Italy.
  • OGG Convention COMPRITAL, Italy.
  • Seminar on strengths and loopholes in the EU regulatory framework. European's Transport Workers Federation, Italy.
  • Uni Global Union. “Strengthening the efficacy of the CEE and of the social dialogue in the European tissue paper industry” , Italy.
  • Menarini Award Conference, Italy.
  • XVI FILCA-CISL Congress, Italy.
  • Reflecting on the future of Europe, European Economic and Social Committee, Italy.
  • Foxy Magnificent, Italy.
  • Eurochocolate "In the Hearth of Chocolate", Italy.
  • La somministrazione nel nuovo mercato del lavoro in Italia ed in Europa. FeLSA CISL, Italy.
  • Coordinating EWCs in the commerce sector, Italy.
  • Glaucoma: A brain disease, Italy.
  • Wellness project of Technogym and MSC Cruises, Italy.
  • Four Motors For Europe - Mission in Santiago de Chile with the Lombardy Region, Chile.
  • Athletics G5, Italy.
  • Unity in diversity, Italy.
  • SDA European Works Council, Italy.
  • Expo Milano "Promoting European Local Food Systems", Italy.
  • Eurochocolate "In the Hearth of Chocolate", Italy.
  • Nurses conference Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Hungary.
  • EXPO Milano "Smart Land: a new bridge between smart cities and sustainable villages", Italy.
  • Store Managers Meeting MaxMara F/W2015, Italy.
  • Cascade Enel Green Power, Italy.
  • TUDCN General Meeting, Italy.
  • Immigration as a European phenomenon: a challenge for ETUC, Italy.
  • Panchina d'Oro e d'Argento, FIGC, Italy.
  • CISL Trade Union Executive Committee, Italy.
  • ETUI Today's and Future TCLF Activities. IndustriAll Europe, Italy.
  • 58th Congress Civil and Mercantile Court of Arbitration, Italy.
  • Priorities and Strategies ETUI Training Courses, Italy.
  • SACMI 10th congress on technology trends in the sanitaryware industry, Italy.
  • Collective Bargaining, Trade Unions, ETUI, Italy.
  • Economic Democracy in the EU Semester, Italy.
  • Chuchotage for Spanish delegation at GUCCI's facilities, Italy.
  • Wrap-up meeting. Search panel. IFAD, Italy.
  • Catalan Delegation at the Tuscan Regional Council, Italy.
  • "Patient education and compliance". Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Menarini Diagnostics, Greece.
  • ETUC/ETUI training: "Young Trade Union Leaders", Italy.
  • ETUI training occupational cancers in industry & preventive TU action, Italy.
  • II Encuentro Internacional de Mujeres Empresarias y Emprendedoras del Medio Rural, Italy.
  • TUDCN Workshop on Development Education, Italy.
  • L’integrazione delle scienze e la didattica laboratoriale, CISL, Italy.
  • IBM Fall zEnterprise Premier Executive Event, Italy.
  • ISWA - International Waste Association Conference, Italy.
  • UN-Habitat - World Urban Forum, Italy.
  • IndustriAll “Projet sur l’ergonomie dans le secteur automobile” , Italy.
  • Platforma “Development and participatory governance” , Italy.
  • EARLALL General Assembly, Italy.