Foto del docente

Silvia Galletti

Assistant professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/38 Paediatrics

Curriculum vitae

        Personal information

         First name / Surname                Silvia Galletti

                          Address                 Via Giotto 3, 40133 BOLOGNA

                         Nationality               Italian

                       Date of birth              11/02/1974


     Education and training

                          1988-1993                Technical degree

                                                            Istituto Tecnico Industriale “Odone Belluzzi” Bologna

                                                            Final mark: 55/60

                          1993-1999                 LAUREA in Medicina e Chirurgia - University of Bologna

                                                            Final mark: 110/110 with distinction

                                                            Dissertation: “Development of intestinal bacterial flora in preterm newborn”  


                          2001-2005                Pediatric specialization - University of Bologna

                                                           Final mark: 70 with distinction

                                                           Dissertation: “Safety of DTPa-IPV-Hib-HBV in very premature infants"

                                   2007                Master of Pediatric Cardiology



                   Personal skills

              and competences


                     Mother tongue                  Italian

                   Other language                    English

                  Computer skills                    Competent with most Microsoft Office  Programmes


                Work experience

                           2005-2006                 Contract specialist, Department of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiosurgery

                                                              University of Bologna

          From November 2006                  Researcher, University of Bologna