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Lessons of April 27 and 28, next lessons, and exams

The contents of the lessons of April 27 and 28 have been:


6. Integer Linear Programming: slides 29-39

7. Complexity: slides 1-21

Textbook: pages 111-118, 161-172, and 175-177

This concludes the theoretical part of Module 1 (Mathematical Programming).                                   

There will be a final class exercise on Monday May 11.


On Monday May 4 Professor Cacchiani will start the lessons of Module 2 (Numerical Simulation).

Please refer to her page 

for specific announcements


Exams are currently expected to take place online. It is recommended to:

-- enroll, both for the written and the oral exam, at least one week in advance;

-- have a laptop with webcam;

-- have a good Internet connection;

-- have a smartphone to scan the written test solution into a pdf file to conclude the exam.

The specific software and procedure that will be used for the online exams will be communicated as soon as possible.

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