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Shan Du


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Settore scientifico disciplinare: L-ART/08 ETNOMUSICOLOGIA

Nota biografica

Shan Du is a PhD student in Ethnomusicology. She has both musicology and theatre studies as educational background. Since 2016 she has begun her fieldwork in Kathmandu Valley, where she completed her first research about a ritual festival, the Gai Jatra, which is a day-long festival to commemorate the missing relatives in the current year. From then on, she has focused her interest on the mask dance and the sacred music pattern played during the ritual ceremony. From 2018 she has begun visiting the Nava Durgā community, which is a group of musicians and dancers who incarnate the various manifestations of the goddess Durgā. Her doctoral project is about this Hindu ritual performance of Nava Durgā in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Her interdisciplinary research, is based on fieldwork, and is concentrated on the musical and theatrical elements of the performance. In the meantime, she also deals with the socio religious issues which are represented through the performance in question. The project is co-tutored by prof. Domenico Staiti and prof. Matteo Casari.

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