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  • Journal
  • S. Torabi Moghadam, M.V. Di Nicoli, S. Manzo, P. Lombardi. (2020). Mainstreaming Energy Communities in the Transition to a Low-Carbon Future: A Methodological Approach. Energies. vol. 13, 1597, pp. 1-25. doi: []
  • S. Torabi Moghadam; P. Lombardi. (2019). An interactive multi-criteria spatial decision support system for energy retrofitting of building stocks using CommuntiyVIZ to support urban energy planning. Building and Environment. ISSN 0360-1323. vol. 163, pp. 1-25. doi: 10.1016/j.buildenv.2019.106233
  • S. Torabi Moghadam; S. Coccolo; G. Mutan; P. Lombardi; J.L. Scartezzini; D. Mauree. (2019). A new clustering and visualization method to evaluate urban heat energy planning scenarios. Cities, ISSN 0264-2751, vol. 88, pp. 19-36. doi: 10.1016/j.cities.2018.12.007.
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  • Book chapter
  • F. Abastante; P. Lombardi; S. Torabi Moghadam. (2019). How to define energy criteria in the absence of open data: a stakeholders-oriented approach based on Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA). Spatial Planning in the Big Data revolution, IGI Global, pp. 139-160.
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  • S. Torabi Moghadam, G. Mutani, P. Lombardi. (2016). GIS-Based Energy Consumption Model at the Urban Scale for the Building Stock. JRC Conference and Workshop Report, Paolo Bertoldi. European Union, Luxembourg, pp. 56-63. ISBN 978-92-79-59779-4.
  • Proceeding and seminars
  • S. Torabi Moghadam; M.V. Di Nicoli; S. Manzo; P. Lombardi. (2019) Supporting Consumer Co-Ownership in Renewable Energies: SCORE H2020 project.SBE 19 Malta, 21-22 November 2019.
  • S. Torabi Moghadam; M.V. Di Nicoli; A. Giacomini; Lombardi, Patrizia; J. Toniolo (2019). The role of prosumers in supporting renewable energies sources. pp. 1-8. SBE 19, Emerging Concepts for Sustainable Built Environment, Helsinki, Finland 22–24 May 2019.
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  • M.V. Di Nicoli; P. Lombardi; S. Torabi Moghadam. (2018). Transnational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Sustainable Development. Urban promo green conference, Venice, Italy, September 20th -21th 2018.
  • S. Torabi Moghadam; P. Lombardi. (2018). An Integrated Multi-Criteria Spatial Decision Support System for Urban Energy Scenarios- Euro2018 – 29th European conference on operational research, Valencia, Spain, July 8-11 2018.
  • S. Torabi Moghadam, P. Lombardi, J. Toniolo, F. Abastante, I. Lami (2017). Map-based Multicriteria Analysis to Support Stakeholder-oriented Urban Energy Scenarios, 21st Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies, Quebec City, Canada, July 17 -2 2017.
  • S. Torabi Moghadam, G. Mutani, P. Lombardi. (2016). A spatial energy consumption assessment for building stock supporting low carbon scenarios development, Energy Systems Conference 2016: 21st Century Challenges, QEII Centre, Westminster, London, UK, June 14 -15 2016.
  • S. Torabi Moghadam, F. Soncini, S.P. Corgnati, V. Fabi. (2015). Appraising the effects of window opening behaviour in an office building in different climates. 2nd IBPSA-Italy conference Bozen-Bolzano, Bozen-Bolzano, February 4–6 2015, pp. 51-57
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