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Sara Torabi Moghadam, Ph.D. in “Urban and Regional Development” in 2018 and Master's degree in Sustainable Architecture in 2014, at the Politecnico di Torino. She is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the “Urban Sustainability & Security Laboratory for Social Challenges -S3+Lab” in the Interuniversity Department of Regional & Urban Studies and Planning –DIST, Politecnico di Torino with a demonstrated history of 6 years in the field of “Sustainable Cities” being involved in a number of national and European project. In her career, she has supported both public administration and private sector entitie aiding them in achieving sustainable development goals. Her main research fields concern sustainable urban planning, key performance indicators(KPIs) impact assessment, and evaluation. Her expertise focuses on Multi-Criteria Spatial Decision Support System (MC-SDSS), which intends to facilitate the participatory decisional process for stakeholders. In addition, she is the author of numerous international publications and she has participated as a speaker in several international conferences and seminars.
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