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Examination of the T2 Product Design Laboratory in - online mode Practical indications for students 1.

Method of conducting the exam The test takes place with the help of the Teams platform In short:

1. Open Teams

2. Check the operation of the webcam and microphone on the Teams platform

3. Check that the authorizations are correctly set on your computer in case you need to share the screen (NB: for Mac systems it may be necessary to grant a specific authorization from the privacy menu). Check that you have audio and microphone of the working PC and an external webcam or alternatively another device for video input (smartphone / tablet / other PC).

If you use your smartphone as a webcam, take care to connect it to the power supply, do not trust the battery life.

2. Preparation of the workplace

It is essential to set up the workplace in a room free of other people.For the duration of the test, the entry of others into the room is not allowed.

It is also essential to disable all cloud synchronization clients (Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Backup & Sync), taking care that this is visible from the icons in the taskbars. It is also forbidden to use any messaging client (Whatsapp web, Telegram web, Twitter, etc,) and the like, both on PCs and on smartphones, tablets, etc.).

You need to use a single screen. Before the start of the test, it will be verified that multiple screens are not connected. The Commission will be able to carry out random checks. For this reason, it is advisable to move previously any private element (photos, messages ...) that you do not want to show to the classroom supervisors.

3. connection

Make sure you have a stable connection, preferably via cable. Make sure to block other uses that could weigh down the network (updates, video downloads etc.). It is advisable to have the smartphone ready in "hotspot" mode to share the connection in order to have a "plan B" in case of loss of the main connection.

Staying always online is essential to ensure the correctness of the exam. Short, occasional disconnections due to network problems will be tolerated if limited in number and duration.

In the event that disconnection episodes have occurred, at the discretion of the teacher, the student may undergo an additional oral test in the days following the exam.

4. What to do on the day of the exam

1. Occupy the station (see point 2), access Teams well in advance, make sure that the audio is working, battery connected to a power source.

5. Examination procedure

1. Students must upload their papers on the IOL platform by 5 pm on Tuesday 30 June 2020

2. The exam begins at 9.00 am, all students must be connected to answer the appeal.

3. Following the schedule, the commission will examine the working groups one by one.

4. Each group will have 15 minutes to present its project through the documents previously delivered on the IOL platform.

5. Each member of the team must present a part of the project.

6. At the end of the presentations, the commission may ask students questions about the project presented.

7. At the end of the presentations, the commission will meet to evaluate the projects and assign the marks.

8. At the end of the day, the final evaluations of the integrated laboratory will be communicated. These will take into consideration the results of the Product Design module, the assessments of the Methodology module assigned by prof. A.Paris and the Mini-workshop assessments assigned by prof. S.Pazzi.

Published on: June 08 2020