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Stefano Martelli


Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: SPS/08 Sociology of Culture and Communication


Keywords: Mass & new media Sociology of religions Sociology of Sport & Communication Exercise for health and well-being

1) Sociology of the Sports, Exercise and Communication

Two main topics are at the core of my activity of research in this field (a new field in Italy):

1a) the audiences of the great sport events, which are broadcasted by television and by internet, for instance the World / European Football Championships and the Summer / Winter Olympics, and Paralympics 

 1b) the persuasiveness of advertising of unhealthy foods, broadcasted via TV / Internet toghether the major sporting events, and communication strategies to fight the "obesity epidemic" (WHO) among children, educating them on healthy lifestyles and active physically.

2) Relational Sociology, and sport and exercise

From a long time I'm cultivating this line of research. At first I studied the online communication of the third sector and in Palermo in southern Italy (PRIN 2001 and 2003). Today I'm developing the relational theory in the field of sport and exercise: so I'm studying the emersion of new social structures such as 'the triangle SMS', the communication of sports organizations and the criminal networks in sports (e.g. in football as matches-fixing, in the use of doping by champions and / or sport teams, etc.).

3) Sociology of cultural processes, values and religions.

I'm researching in this field since the early '80s; today I'm interested to the social policies for the integration of immigrants in Italy / in other European societes, by the religions, and by sports and exercise. In this Academic Year 2015 / 16 I am also interested in studying the special Jubilee of Mercy and, in particular, its representation through the media (old & new media), as well as the television and 'social' audiences, who expose themselves to such representations. I am also interested in studying religions in Italy (both the ones of native population, both of the immigrants), by the multidimensional methodology of religiosity and using techniques of social research quantitative / qualitative.

PS: examples of research topics that apply these themes are offered from the documents "Thesarius 1" and "Thesarius 2", published upper in this section "Useful contents"