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Stefano Martelli


Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: SPS/08 Sociology of Culture and Communication

Curriculum vitae

I am Full Professor in Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes (sector of Italian scientific disciplines:  SPS/08), in the University of Bologna “Alma Mater Studiorum” – Italy.

In this Academic year 2019-20 I am teaching General Sociology, Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes, and Sociology of Sport and Communication to the students, in the Degrees of Exercise and Sport Sciences (seats of Bologna and Rimini). Too, I am teaching Sociology of Cultural Processes, and Social Issues of Cultural and Religious Diversities to the students, in the Degrees of Educational Sciences.

Overmore I founded (2007) and now I'm the Director of the Sport.Com.Lab.–Laboratory of Sport Communication, a research Center of the Department of Educational Sciences “Giovanni M.Bertin”, in the same Uni. Bologna “AMS” (

I published a lot of books and essays, the most part of which in my mother-tongue language, and something else in French or English language, or (translations) in Polish or Brazilian language. My latest published books are: Manuale di Sociologia dello sport e dell'attività fisica  (Handbook of Sociology of Sport and Exercise), with N. Porro, FrancoAngeli, Milano 2013, and Lo sport globale (The Global Sports). Le audience dei Mondiali di Calcio, Olimpiadi e Paralimpiadi invernali 2002-2010, Franco Angeli Publ., Milan 2012. In other three books of mine I wrote about other sporting issues  –they offers the main findings obtained by some sociological researches, which I led in the SportComLab. From the ‘80s I wrote more than 130 scientific publications (20 monographic books, 50 chapters in as much books, 32 articles in scientific reviews, and I have been editor of 13 books, etc.) always in topics of the Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes.

Indeed sport communication and the communication of the voluntary associations are the topics of the researches, which I am leading in my more recent years; before:

A) from a theoretical and methodological perspective, I reflected about the epistemology, the methodology and the research technics of the Social and Public Communication, and I elaborated the multidimensional theory of communication, which is founded on the theories of classical sociologists, such as T. Parsons [1951], and P.F. Lazarsfeld [with Boudon 1965-1969], recently updated by the contributions of J.Alexander [1983-1984] and P. Donati [1991-2006]. The multidimensional theory of communication offers useful tools for the analysis, leaded by qualitative and quantitative techniques, of the communicative capacity of the institutional websites of public and private enterprises [Martelli S. et al., Comunicazione multidimensionale, 2003, 2nd ed.]. My goal is to shape a “medium range” theory for the study of communication phenomena, based on general theory and yet so flexible to analyse the communicative capacity of single objects, as the institutional websites of public and private enterprises, or the relational dynamics of the Opr (the Offices for Public Relations), or the self communication of voluntary associations.

B) I participated to several national researches, the PRIN programmes of the MIUR, the Italian Ministry of the University and the Scientific Research. In the year 2000 I took part at the Unity of Research [UoR] of the Uni.Palermo in the national program about the 2000 Jiubilee (chairman C.Cipolla, Uni. Bologna). In the years 2001-2005 I leaded the UoR of the University of Palermo within the national survey about the social capital and the Third Sector in Italy, coordinated by Pierpaolo Donati (University of Bologna, calls of the PRIN 2001 and 2003).

Also I was an expert of the CIVR, the Italian Committee for the Valuation of the Research, and I was an expert of the MIUR in the valuation for the sociological and communicative matters of the performance of the Italian Universities which were financied by the “Campus” Program (2004-2005).

C) I am tooking part to the activities of several scientific national and international associations operating in the field of the Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes. I am a member in the Board of Trustees of the Ecrea (European Communication Research and Education Association). As such, I took part to the international congresses in Brussels (March 2004), in Amsterdam (November 2005) and in Barcelona (November 2008).

From 1985 I am also a member of the Ais (Associazione italiana di Sociologia) and I take part regularly to the activities of two sections: «Sociology of Religion» and «PIC-Cultural Processes and Institutions». In the years 1988-1995 I was the Secretary of the section “Sociology of religion” and from 2001 to 2004 I was a member of the Scientific Board of the section “PIC”. As such, I promoted the organization of the national conference Immagini della emergente società in rete [Images of the emerging network society, Palermo 2002], and I edited a book about it (Martelli and Gaglio eds., FrancoAngeli Publ., Milano 2004].

Moreover I am a member of the Sisr/Issr (Société Internationale des Sociologues de la Réligion), and of the EASS-European Association for the Sport Sciences. Also I took part to the activities of the Iis (International Institut of Sociology), of the Isa (International Sociological Association), of the Aicun (Italian Association for the Communications of the Universities) and of the Euprio (European Universities Public Relations and Information Officers).

From the ‘90s I take part to the Scientific Boards of some Italian sociological journals, such as “Studi di Sociologia”, “Rivista Italiana di Comunicazione Pubblica”, “Sociologia e Politiche Sociali”, “La Società”, as well as sociological Series, such as “Comunicazione, Istituzioni e Mutamento Sociale” and “Laboratorio sociologico”, both printed by the national publisher FrancoAngeli (Milan). In the year 2010 I opened the Series “Sport, Corpo, Società” (Sport, Body, Society) at the same Publisher Franco Angeli; this Series has an International Board and a pluri-thematic structure, and is caracterizated by a rigorous blind double peer review – the written opinions, given by each of the two referees for every draft proposed at the Series, are at disposition of the ANVUR (the national Agency for the Evaluation of the Researchers of the Italian Universities).