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Course on Global Hedge Fund Investments. New York, 10-20 July 2023

In the context of an investment world that is increasingly dominated by quantitative and AI strategies, the objective of this Finance Graduate level course is to give the students practical foundations for international investing within a solid theoretical framework. Lectures about the main global investing analytical principles are accompanied by lectures from some of Wall Street’s top portfolio managers and economists/analyst who will explain their own latest personal technical approach and investment philosophy. Notions and approaches will be tested in an Investment Simulation test where students will be divided in separate asset classes’ investment teams, instructed and critiqued. The course follows three parallel paths in three distinct Modules:

Module 1: Foundations of Global Hedge Fund investment strategy

Module 2: Leading Practitioners’ Technical Approach and Investment Philosophy

Module 3: Investment Simulation: from Strategy to Portfolio Construction



Pubblicato il: 27 giugno 2023