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Rolando Dondarini

Associate Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-STO/01 Medieval History


Research activities on the following topics: 1) Ancient and Medieval History, with particular reference to the urban centers and rural areas and its political dynamics, social and demographic and enactments of local regulations; 2) Check the status of  'art of the best forms of teaching and disclosure of history in Europe; 3) use of new forms of communication and ' e-learning; 4) involvement of all universities, associations, centers of study and research and museums in order to enrich l'interdisciplinarity of Taeching of history; 5) establish procedures for disclosure of the method and practice of teaching history; 6) collection of multimedia materials; 7) establishment of an international scientific committee with a clear opening to the reality university; 8) creation of a forum outlining a new global community of historians, through l  'use of the Internet and by stimulating and facilitating communication, Publication and dissemination of proposals and research activities; 9) planning of international conferences.

There are two strands of my research. The first concerns studies and comparative processes of formation and developments in the settlement hierarchy in the panorama of medieval north-central. Aware of the importance in the study of the various entities demic-territorial cover the sources of legal-normative, I have directed research towards the verification of the actual correspondences between coding standards - usually statutory, but not only - and the different situations and developments local. Pursue so advanced a stage of investigation, including statutes, constitutions and legal codes in general, are the starting point for the use of a broader spectrum documentary. The second strand is inherent in the teaching of history and heritage, in the belief that this provides further methodological bases and concrete business opportunities to the formation of citizenship, that is, the education sector which, through observation and activation of sensitivity, knowledge and skills induced by "RicercAzione" leads us to consider all the realities of today as a legacy to enjoy, respect and enrich, live more responsibly in the present and plan more consciously in the future. This teaching must take into account the presence and the plurality of cultures, learn to analyze and contiguity differences and mutual influences both synchronic visions that propettive diachronic. In this context, the knowledge and use of the possibilities offered by information and communication technologies and multimedia become essential to develop new projects. The landing to a field of European comparison, however, demands a serious taxonomic research and terminology to avert misunderstandings and mutual misunderstandings. The main purpose of a research on the most advanced and effective teaching of history and cultural heritage education historical and artistic, which are realized in Europe is therefore to promote comparisons and exchanges across the board on various current issues related with respect to which the "International Centre for Didactics of History and Heritage" - activated at the Faculty of Education at the University of Bologna in collaboration with the Department of History and Fondazione Alma Mater-can be a focal point and a point of reference. It is believed that the comparison and mutual contributions on the different experiences in the area at European level, to induce appropriate and effective approaches to the teaching of history and citizenship training in a phase of rapid change and renewed stresses.