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Rolando Dondarini

Associate Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-STO/01 Medieval History

Curriculum vitae

Rolando Dondarini is currently Associate Professor, recognized as Ordinary, of Medieval History at the University of Bologna.
He graduated with honors in Literature at the University of Bologna in 1975, he obtained in 1988 a PhD in Medieval History (story urban and rural) in the Department of History at the University of Florence.
Academic career
In 1990 he became Professor in Medieval History at the Faculty of Education at the University of Bologna.
In 2000 he earned the role of Associate Professor at the same University. In 2017 he was qualified as Ordinary Professor.
Teaching activity
Since 1990 he held, first at the Faculty of Education and of Education and at the Department of Education, the teachings of Medieval History, History of Cults and Religions, History of Culture and Teaching of History. He taught the same subjects as part of SSIS, the TFA and PAS. Between 2004 and 2010 he held courses in Teaching of History at the SSIS University of Bolzano, Bressanone campus.
Scientific activity
He first conducted research to explore the use of fiscal sources to investigate socioeconomic and demographic aspects of the Middle Ages that have allowed him to test the usefulness and limitations of the electronic processing means and to aim to overcome the quantitative and statistical in ' intent to seize as much as possible of the events and developments of the communities studied. He deepened the social and demographic issues and relations between dominant cities and local communities, with particular attention to economic, social and legal induced by the presence of land assets managed collectively. From the awareness of the importance which are sources of legal-normative, then derived his plan to create a national committee responsible for putting in contact with scholars of history with the experts who deal with other aspects of the normative documents and Statutory: especially legal historians, philologists and diplomatisti. He thus founded the Italian Committee for the studies and editions of the sources of law, which in collaboration with the Library of the Senate, has joined a network of regional representatives operating at universities across Italy that has allowed the realization of ten national conferences on various aspects of statutory sources and to publish the first two volumes of the Bibliography Statutory Italian. In order to report and update on those issues and initiatives in the summer of 1994 he was invited at some universities of Argentina where I held a number of reports.
In the following years the historical research has supported those relating to Teaching History. In this context it has created and promoted the project's roots to fly, which since 2002 has involved hundreds of teachers and thousands of students of all levels in research and learning of history aimed at awareness and to assume liability under the objectives the Public History. Among iniziaitive that have arisen and are being further developed, the International Festival of History in every autumn it promotes hundreds of events that compare known scholars from Italian and foreign universities with teachers, students and cultural associations.
Between 2009 and 2015 he conducted new research on the history of the community of Bologna and its territory in connection with the European history, the results of which were published in monographs and miscellaneous and in magazines. I also completed the drafting of a manual of medieval history meets the criteria accrued in previous decades of teaching.

From 4 May 2018 he is president of the Italian Society for Studies and Editions of the Normative Sources - De Statutis
Activities and institutional initiatives
In 1986 he participated at Westfield College, University of London to the establishment of the International History & Computing.
In 1993 he created the Italian Committee for the study and issues of Sources Regulations in collaboration with the Library of the Senate and has enabled the site "De Statutis".
In 1997 he founded the Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Historical Research.
In 2004 he participated in the PRIN "The legal in Italy in the late Middle Ages: censuses" as scientific director of the research unit "Literature and Italian statutory research and critical issues in the field of Emilia Romagna and Bologna."
In 2007 he was responsible for RFO "Research and experiments for the creation of an international center of connection and intercommunication on teaching Heritage".
In 2008 he founded at the Faculty of Education the International Centre for Education of History and Heritage (Dipast), then became a research center of the Department of Educational Sciences "Giovanni Maria Bertin". It is proposed as a place for discussion and focus on the study and teaching of history and cultural heritage. In particular by proposing and sharing assumptions, terminologies, methods, practices and tools used in various locations and countries, aims to collect and exploit the wide range of experiences, research, design and activities conducted in recent decades at national and international in the teaching of history, of heritage and Public History. In its seven years of existence the center has promoted and implemented courses and seminars for history teachers of every grade, cultural workers and students as well as various national and international conferences, the majority of which were issued acts. In this framework he founded and directed the editorial series of publications of the Centre.
From 2013 to 2015 he was a member of the Board of the Department of Educational Sciences "Giovanni Maria Bertin" University of Bologna
Membership in scientific committees and editorial
It 'a founding member and member of the board of the journals "Anecdota"
And 'member of the scientific committee of the magazine "The Notebooks of Maes"
Prizes and Awards
In 2006 he received a judgment of "excellence" by the international jury of renowned historians and several foreign universities as part of the project called "Peer Review" sponsored by the University and the Department of History at the University of Bologna.
Other activities and assignments
President of the De Statutis Society association which in 2018 replaced and formalized the previous Italian Committee for Studies and Editions of Regulatory Sources

President of Mediae Aetatis Sodalicium
Chairman of the Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Historical Research
Head of the Education Centre of History and Heritage (DiPaSt)
President of the International Festival of History