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CLET/ITALI/TEAM seminars programme for academic year 2019/20

The list of speakers and themes is the following:


1. Giulia Azzurri (Hotel Manager, Sovrana Hotel and Re Aqva Spa)

- Friday, 27/9, 15-18

“Green and revenue approaches in the hotel’s market strategies”


2. Davide Cannata (Tourism Consultant)

- Friday, 4/10, 15-17

“An overview of luxury tourism sector”

- Friday, 4/10, 17-19

“The event management approach”


3. Francesco Magistrali (Adventurer and Travel Consultant)

- Friday, 11/10, 12-14

“Beyond exploration”


4. Marco Zavatta (Hotel manager and tourism consultant)

- Friday, 11/10, 15-18

“The truth beyond OTAs and online price distribution”


5. Marco Gafforini (Tourism Consultant and Associazione Start-up Turismo)

- Friday, 18/10, 12-14

“My life is a start-up”

- Friday, 18/10, 15-17

“I failed and you should too?”

- Friday, 18/10, 17-19

“Laboratory of entrepreneurship”


6. Emanuele Seghetti (Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Consultant in Marketing & Branding)

- Friday, 25/10, 15-18

“ Digital marketing: an overview”


7. Luca Carrai (CEO and Founder of Ethicjobs)

- Friday, 22/11, 15-18

"Social Innovation: when innovation means improving people's quality of life"

- Friday, 29/11, 15-18:

"What a startup really is: differences between a startup and a company"


8. Claudio Biagini (Jasminn Hostel)

- Friday, 6/12, 15-17

“The hostel management”


9. Mattia Raffaelli (Roommate)

- Friday, 6/12, 17-19

“Disintermediation and online value added: the Roommate case study”


10. Marco Zavatta (consulente)

- Friday, 13/12,15-18

“Into the core of the hotel life: the property management system (Pma)”


11. Farid Toubal (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay/CREST/CEPII) - CANCELLED

- Friday, 13/3,15-17

“International Trade in Services and Migration”


12. Miren Aurkene Alzua Sorzabal (University of Deusto) - CANCELLED

- Monday, 16/3,16-19

“Urban Tourism: The Basque cases of Bilboa and Donostia/San Sebastian”

- Wednesday, 18/3, orario da definire

“Smart Tourism Destination as the new paradigm for innovation policy in tourism”


13. Erminia Sciacchitano (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities)

- Thursday, 23/4, 11-13

Location: (virtual class of the course "European Cultural Routes and Tourism Systems;


14. Peter Debrine (UNESCO's World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme)

- Thursday, 30/4,11-13

Location: (virtual class of the course "European Cultural Routes and Tourism Systems;


15. David Vuillame (Network of European Museum Organisations)

- Thursday, 7/5, 11-13

Location: (virtual class of the course "European Cultural Routes and Tourism Systems;


16) CEETO Final Online Conference on Sustainable Tourism

- Thursday, 14/05, starting from 9:30

Location: Zoom meeting. Previous registration is needed here:

Programme: Download the Programme [].

More info:

Attendance to the online conference will count for 3 hours. It is suggested to stay at least for the entire morning session (ending at 12:50).

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