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MANDATORY ENROLMENT OPEN - Drug Analysis II laboratory, Pharmacy 3rd Year

MANDATORY enrolment for the practical laboratory. The list is now open ON ALMAESAMI. Students find it as a Drug Analysis II exam session. October 1st 2023: date when the enrolment WILL BE CLOSED.

VERY IMPORTANT: to attend the learning activities (lectures and practical laboratory activities) it is mandatory:

1) being inscribed to the AY 2023/2024 (University fee paid);

2) have passed the exam of Organic Chemistry;

3) have obtained the signature attesting the attendance at Drug Analysis I.

Students should also enrol in the Virtual Learning Environment, where the Learning sources will be uploaded.

Important: for the laboratory, two groups (A and B) will be composed of the same number of students and will be formed taking into account the alphabetical order (surname) of the students. Group A: lab from October 9th to October 25th. Group B: lab from October 27th to November 15th. A student can change the group only if she (or he) exchanges with another student belonging to the other group.

Pubblicato il: 29 agosto 2023