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Riccardo Caporali

Full Professor

Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies

Academic discipline: M-FIL/03 Moral Philosophy

Curriculum vitae

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I am a Full Professor of Moral Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy and Communication of the University of Bologna. I graduated in Philosophy at the University of Bologna with Nicola Matteucci and Paolo Vincieri. I obtained my PhD in History of political thought and political institutions at the University of Turin, where I then carried out post-doc research.

I am a member of CIRLPGE, Inter-University Research Centre on European Political and Juridical Lexicon. In 2004-2006 I participated in the international research project “Politics and Passions”, coordinated by Victoria Kahn, which was closed with the publication of a volume with the same title, edited by V. Kahn, N. Saccamano and D. Coli for Princeton University Press. I then participated in the strategic project of the University of Bologna titled “Guerra: immaginario, rappresentazioni e forme materiali” (“War: imagination, representation and material forms”), coordinated by Carlo Galli. I am currently the local coordinator of the PRIN project titled “La riflessione morale di fronte al mind/body problem. Problemi storici e prospettive teoriche” (“Moral reflection facing the mind/body problem. Historical problems and theoretical perspectives”), coordinated at national level by Franco Biasutti.

I am a member of the Editorial Board of the journals “Filosofia Politica” and “Confini”. I am director of the series “Sophia” of publishing house Il Ponte Vecchio, Cesena. I am member of the Scientific Committees of journals "Tcia e Politica / Ethics and Politics", “QuaderniLife” and "Governare la paura. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies", as well as the “Spinoziana” series of publisher Mimesis. I am member of the Scientific Committees of Societies Spinozana. I am member of Academy of Sciences of Bologna. From 2013 to 2019 I was coordinator of Master’s Degree in Philosophical Sciences of the University of Bologna. From 2006 to 2010 I chaired the Board of Directors of the Biblioteca Malatestiana Institution of Cesena.

My research focuses mainly on some authors of modern philosophy. Between Machiavelli, Spinoza and Vico (studied in the critical revision of many, consolidated interpreting traditions), the unitary sense of my scientific work revolves around one of the most significant “heterodox” processes of the modern age: conjugations of morals and politics, reason and body (order and conflict, multitude and State, theology and science), “eccentric” as compared to the prevailing solutions of jusnaturalistic contractualism, or of idealistic-dialectic historicism. Among my research interests, are also the idea of equality, in relation with moral philosophy, with theoretical and scientific foundation, with political challenges.

My publications include Heroes gentium. Sapienza e politica in Vico, Bologna, il Mulino, 1992; La fabbrica dell’imperium. Saggio su Spinoza, Napoli, Liguori, 2000; La tenerezza e la barbarie. Studi su Vico, Napoli, Liguori, 2006; La pazienza degli esclusi. Studi su Spinoza, Milano, Mimesis, 2012. I also translated and edited a volume by Leo Strauss on La critica della religione in Spinoza (Bari, Laterza, 2003), as well as the first Spinozian papers by the same authors, collected under the title Il testamento di Spinoza, Milano, Mimesis, 2016.

My most recent essays include: La fatiga del Moderno, «CUADERNOS SOBRE VICO», 2018, 32, pp. 61 - 68; Las mujeres y lo siervos (y lo mudos y los dementes) (Sobre el capítulo XI del Tractatus politicus), in: Spinoza Maledictus (Spinoza 13° Coloquio), Córdoba, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina), 2018, pp. 100 - 109; O “artesão” e a “raina”. Livre arbítrio e divina providência em Giambattista Vico, «Acta Scientiarum. Human an Social Sciences» (Brasile), v. 40 (1), 2018, pp. 2-11; La comun naturaleza (V. Brodsky, G. Farga, G.G. Urqijo, A. Viña ed., Spinoza y los otros, Córdoba-Argentina, 2017, pp. 143-151); «Esame di coscienza: triste». Sul Diario di trincea di Renato Serra (AA.VV., La Grande Guerra. La scienza, le idee, gli uomini , Roma, Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze, 2017, pp. 79-91); Vico e Spinoza moderni eccentrici, «Studi Filosofici», XXXIX, 2016, pp. 113-126; The (failed) education of the lector philosophus, «Diálogos», XLVIII, 2016, n. 100, pp. 101-126; Il realismo e l’utopia (su More e Spinoza), («Governare la paura», december 2016, pp. 161-183); La ragione e il pensiero ignoto (sul Croce di Renato Serra), «La Cultura», a. LIV, n. 2 (august 2016).