Foto del docente

Raffaele Laudani

Full Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: SPS/02 History of Political Thought

Coordinator of PhD Programme of Global Histories, Cultures, and Politics


Atlantic and Global History of Modern Political Concepts - Students' papers

Below the calendar of papers presentations:


14/3: Laudani: Introduction to Tocqueville

21/3: Capone, Tocqueville on Algeria; Di Bartolomeo on Du Bois' Black Reconstruction

28/3: Laudani: Spatial Foundation of the Black Radical Tradition; Rojas on David Walker

11/4: Guest Lecture: Cazzola on Foundations of XIX British Imperial Thought

18/ 4 Fugazzotto on Bentham; Tacconi on The Negro Question

19/4: Capelli and Hassouneh on J.S. Mill



Published on: February 28 2018