Foto del docente

Piero Augusto Nasuelli

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/01 Agricultural Economics and Rural Appraisal

Curriculum vitae

Born in Milan June 17, 1954

A.A. 1978 - 1979
In the summer session took the exam Degree thesis entitled "Analysis of slaughter facilities in Emilia-Romagna." Begins the scientific collaboration with the Institute of Internal Zooeconomia as a graduate.

A.A. 1979 - 1982
It is proclaimed winner of the national public contest for a scholarship search on the "Structural Analysis of the efficiency of animal production", organized by the National Academy of Agriculture with funding from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

A.A. 1982 - 1988
It 'Competition winner for Research Fellow, n group of discipline. 142, sub Agricultural Economics and Policy, on 31.8.1987 he was appointed assistant professor.

A.A. 1988 - 1990
He won a scholarship from CNR-NATO period of one year.
Taking advantage of this scholarship in August 1989 he moved dl as Visiting Professor at the "Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences," University of Maine at Orono (USA).

A.A 1990 - 1992
In October 1992 he was included in the list of the winners of the open competition for positions of professor of the band (group G010 Budget estimate) bandit DM of 28/7/1990.
By resolution of the Faculty Council has been appointed Associate Professor in the discipline "Zooinformatica Management" of the Degree in Animal Science.

A.A 2008 - 2009
He was appointed correspondent of the National Academy of Agriculture of Bologna.

A.A 2009 - 2010
By the Board of Directors is appointed Director of the University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum of the Agrarian

A.A. 2011 - 2012
He was appointed full member of the Agricultural Society of Reggio Emilia

Teachings in A.A 1992 - 2012
In the period took the lessons of the following courses:
 - Agricultural Policy of the European Economic Community;
 - Computer science
 - Zooinformatica management;
 - Information and management;
 - Computing applied to livestock production
 - Tools for managing databases;
 - Decision Support Systems (DSS);
 - Quality Systems;
 -  Management and Organization;
 - Zooeconomia;
 - Applied Economics;
 - Estimate of agro-livestock environment
 - Economics of Animal Production
 - Business Administration.

The research began with the study "Analysis of the structural efficiency of livestock production" (National Academy of Agriculture) (1979-1983), continued on areas relating to the economy of the farm and the livestock in particular. Carries out studies on the quota system of milk production in several years.
She created and coordinated a study funded by the Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano-Reggiano to build in the simulation model of a dairy farm (1992-1994). In the study of the simulation models realizes a model for the simulation in the use of the milking robot (1995-1996).
For the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano develops the methodology for calculating the price differential of milk. (1995). He is the coordinator of a three-year study in an agreement between the university and the AIA (Italian Breeders Association) to carry out the project called IDEA (identification of the Evolutionary Dynamics of Herds).
The project CAPRI (Common Agricultural Policy Regional Impact) develops a relational database for managing and processing all the statistical data collected at the regional level, the database created initially for only for Italy was subsequently developed for all EU countries. (1996-1998)
Commissioned by the AIA develop an analytical procedure for calculating the cost of milk production using both periodic surveys on functional checks, and surveys carried out during company visits.
The result of this research was formalized by the creation of a version of the procedure COGEIZOO (Animal Control Management of enterprises) in particular has developed a DSS (Decision Support System) for dairy herds.
AIMA is awarded a contract to develop a system for monitoring the activities specified by the "Plan for Quality Meat." In order to implement such monitoring was carried out both a PERT network model is a relational database. (1998-2002).
Consortium for Plant Protection of Reggio Emilia prepares the data collection company for a "census" wine in order to check the spread of the Golden Flavescence in the province of Reggio Emilia and builds a forecasting model for the quantification of damages related to the disease. (2002-2006).
He is responsible for the operational unit of the project DIPROVAL SIPEAA (Information Systems for Planning Eco-compatible use of farms) funded by MiPA, in particular deals with the creation of a module using economic simulation results for the individual agricultural activities at the company level can provide economic information to guide business decisions (2003-2006).
He is interested in issues relating to systems for management of traceability in the supply chains of hard cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano (2007-2009).
Read the study and research on "milk quotas" (2010).
Coordinates the working group for the dairy industry for the research "Forecasting and risk analysis in food commodity markets" FoodCAST funded by ISMEA (2012)