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Pier Luigi Cattò

Adjunct professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Curriculum vitae

I carry out management consultancy activities for companies in various sectors with skills in the "Organization" and "Project Management" areas. In particular, I follow projects for companies that need planning and support for organizational activity.

My interest in business organization, especially in project management and innovation management, leads me to deepen these issues.


I graduated in Economics and Commerce in 2008 from Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna.

I graduated from the General Management Program at the Bologna University Business School Foundation - BBS.

I have obtained the ISIPM-Base® Certification and the ISIPM-Av® Qualification of the Italian Institute of Project Management - ISIPM.

Teaching activity

I am an adjunct professor for the teaching of the Master's Degree Course in Politics, Administration and Organization for the subject 84706 - COMPANY ORGANIZATION AND STRUCTURES (Module 3) at the School of Political Sciences - Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna.

Other activities

I am an Accredited Senior Professor in Project Management by the Italian Institute of Project Management - ISIPM for preparatory courses for ISIPM-Base® Certification and ISIPM-Av® Qualification.

I participated in the formation of some business networks and I am co-author with Paolo Di Marco of the book "How to build a network between companies" by Edizioni Martina.

I also contributed to the organization and implementation of events related to the promotion and incentive of innovation, according to the logic of open innovation and I am co-author of the text “People Resolve. Innovation, People, Businesses" published by Confindustria Emilia-Romagna Research, Democenter-SIPE Foundation and Reggio Emilia Innovazione.motorie

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