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Patrizia Nanni

Associate Professor

Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES

Academic discipline: MED/04 Experimental Medicine and Pathophysiology

Curriculum vitae

Born in Bologna, Italy, March 5, 1951
Married, with one son

1974 - Degree (Laurea) in Biological Sciences, University of Bologna

1977-present - Co-Director (with Pier-Luigi Lollini), Laboratory of Immunology and Biology of Metastasis, Institute of Cancer Research, University of Bologna (now Section of Cancer Research, Department of Experimental Pathology)
1980-2002 - Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, University of Bologna
2002-present - Associate Professor of General Pathology, University of Bologna

Research interests

- Gene therapy of tumors and metastases of mammary carcinoma and melanoma. Gene transduction of major histocompatibility complex genes and/or cytokine genes. Combination gene therapy.
- Prevention of spontanoeus tumors in transgenic mice - mammry carcinoma, colon carcinoma, prostate carcinoma
- Molecular therapy of human musculo-skeletal sarcomas. Differentiation therapy and inhibition of autocrine and paracrine growth factor circuits

- Anticancer activity of oncolitic virures

- Targeted therapy of metastases

Numerous research projects led to the development of new animal models and new human and murine cell lines. All were shared and distributed worldwide. In particular a) TS/A, a murine mammary carcinoma cell lines, one of the most widely used models for preclinical gene therapy of cancer; b) new animal models of metastatic spread of human Ewing's sarcoma and rhabdomyosarcoma; c) a new transgenic/knockout model of rhabdomyosarcoma; d) a wide panel of new cell lines, clones and gene-transduced derivatives established from transgenic or spontaneous mouse tumors and of gene-transduced derivatives.

Research projects were developed both independently and in tight collaboration with other Laboratories, as shown by the list of publications.

Research grants as Principal Investigator from the Italian National Research Council (CNR) special projects in oncology since 1981, from the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MURST, now MIUR) projects of national interest since 1997, and from the University of Bologna.

Other scientific activity
Ad hoc referee of major international journals: Cancer research, International Journal of Cancer, British Journal of Cancer, Gene Therapy.

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