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Paolo Soave

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Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali

Settore scientifico disciplinare: SPS/06 STORIA DELLE RELAZIONI INTERNAZIONALI


Organization of History of International Relations

In compliance with the anti-Covid 19 organization adopted by the Department of Political and Social Sciences, the lessons of History of International Relations will be held partly remotely and partly in presence.

The first part of the course (13 lessons-26 hours) wil be held remotely for all students. In order to attend this part of the course, students are required to download Teams Microsoft.

Timetable of the first part of the course (remotely for all students):

21/9/2020 (9-11), 24/9 (11-13), 25/9 (9-11), 28/9 (9-11), 1/10 (11-13),  2/10 (11-13), 5/10 (9-11), 8/10 (11-13), 9/10 (11-13), 15/10 (11-13), 16/10 (11-13), 19/10 (9-11), 22/10 (11-13).

The first intermediate written test will be held remotely for all students on October 23, 2020 (11-13).

The second part of the course (6 lessons-12 hours) will be held, on the same programme, to separated groups. Students interested in attending the classroom in the Forlì Campus are required to enroll through the specific Unibo App. Attendance will be admitted according to classrooms' capacity. Lessons for remotely-group will be held through Teams Microsoft. Lessons for in presence-group and for remotely-group wll be held separately, according to the following timetables.

In presence group: 2/11 (9-11), 9 /11 (9-11), 16/11 (9-11), 23/11 (9-11), 30/11 (9-11), 7/12 (9-11)

Remotely group: 29/10 (11-13), 5/11 (11-13), 12/11 (11-13), 19/11 (11-13), 26/11 (11-13), 3/12 (11-13).

The second intermediate written test will be held remotely for all students on December 10, 2020 (11-13).

Students are required to pay attention to the anti-Covid 19 rules. The lecturer is responsible only for the respect of those rules in the classroom, in order to verify the respect of classroom capacity, correct use of health mask and of hands sanitation, social distancy, correct entry, distribution and exit from the classroom. In every moment the lecturer can suspend the lesson for health safety.



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