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The exam consists of an online written exam and a paper on a topic of choice.

The written exam requires to answer an open-ended question in depth, considering and discussing both theoretical and empirical aspects. The exam is "open book", so you are expected to use the course's reading list to source relevant examples, data, and figures in support of your argument. You can quote from the available material, but you must use quotation marks and reference your source. Data and figures need to be referenced too. Copying without citation is not acceptable. You will have three hours to complete the assignment.

The written exam makes up 25% of the final mark and must be passed.

The paper of no more than 3,000 words should be on a topic of your choice within the remit of the course. The objective is to produce a brief that is informative and analytical, but also concise and focused. Building on your knowledge of the course material and even expanding it, you need to show the ability to provide good analysis based on solid information. Imagine you are preparing a briefing for a senior decision-maker who needs to gather critical information and analysis to inform his/her decision.

You should contact Prof Subacchi about the topic of your paper, that must be submitted one week before your chosen exam session. The paper makes up 75% of the final mark.

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